Parcell's Big Board

For what it's worth, NFL Network had a talk with Bill Parcells about how the team prepares for the draft.

What could be the Dolphin's current Big Board was behind him, but only went as far as part way into the fifth round.

Since I have a huge computer screen, I was able to decipher 99% of  the fuzzy names on the board. Here they

are, position-by-position, excluding kickers and returners, and tight ends ( which we are not expected to draft ) :

QB: 1st Rd Newton, Gabbert  2nd Rd Mallet, Ponder, Locker  3rd Rd  Dalton, Capernick  4th Rd Stanzi

RB: 1st Rd Ingram  2nd Rd Williams, Thomas, LeShoure  3rd Rd Murray, Hunter  4th Rd  Helu, Jones, Todman

        5th Rd  Vereen, Carter

WR: 1st Rd  Green, Jones  2nd Rd Smith, Cobb, Young  3rd Rd Hankerson, Baldwin, Pettis, Jernigan, Gates

         4th Rd  Doss, Johnson, Little, Salas  5th Rd  Lockette

                                                                        more after the jump

OT:  1st Rd  Solder, Smith, Castonzo  2nd Rd  Sherrod  3rd Rd Cannon, Carimi, Franklin  4th Rd  Boling

OG:  1st Rd none 2nd Rd Watkins, Wiesniewski  3rd Rd Carpenter, Rackley  4th Rd none

OC: 1st Rd  Pouncey  2nd Rd none  3rd Rd Hudson  4th Rd Fusco

DE: 1st Rd Watt, Bowers, Heyward, Jordan, Quinn, Clayborn  2nd Rd Bailey, Acho  3rd Rd Ballard, Sheard, McPhee

       4th Rd none

DT: 1st Rd Dareus, Fairley, Taylor, Wilkerson  2nd Rd Liuget, Paea, Austin  3rd Rd Nevis, Ellis, Powe 4th Rd none

OLB: 1st Rd Miller, A. Smith, Kerrigan  2nd Rd Ayers, Moch, Houston 3rd Rd none 4th rd none

ILB: 1st Rd Irving  2nd Rd Wilson, McCarthy  3rd Rd Matthews, Foster  4th Rd Jones, Sturdivant, Mouton ( there was

one other that was too blurred to make out ) 5th Rd none

S: 1st Rd none  2nd rd Moore, McDaniel  3rd rd Williams, Sands, Carter  4th Rd Sash  5th rd none

CB: 1st Rd Peterson, Amukamara  2nd  Smith, Ras-I-Dowling, Williams, Harris  3rd Rd Brown, Charmichael, Gilchrist

 and two others that were too blurred out to decipher ) 4th Rd Burton, House and two others blurred out.

I am a litte suspicous of this board, since rounds 5/7 are mostly blank, and I am surprised at the 2nd round grade for

Carimi and Liuget. However, for what it's worth, there it is.....

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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