Final 6-Round Plus Favored UFA Colts Draft

I've worn myself out digging for sleeper info and cross-checking 40 times between different draft sites. Time has run out,and so here is my mock. Not only is the safety class weak, two of the better physical talents ( Jeron Johnson and

DeAndre McDaniel ) have major character issues. However, I came up with what should be a popular choice here.

I also assumed that Tyron Smith, Anthony Castonzo and Corey Liuget were already gone by the 22nd pick. This left

the choice as I saw it between Gabe Carimi, Nate Solder, Derek Sherrod, Muhammad Wilkerson and Marvin Austin.

The surest bet here is Carimi, except that he's a right tackle. In my opinion right tackles don't normally warrant a mid-first-round selection, unless all your critical position needs on offense are filled. I believe Solder will eventually be very good,

but lack of experience hurts his value, as it's likely there will be no training camp to speak of for 2011. Wilkerson is

a decent value at 22, but I'm not sure he can fit our scheme ( 1-technique NT ). Austin would be my choice if I could

be sure he was mature enough. He's a better fit for the 1-technique, but also I have to consider that the draft is almost

out of left offensive tackles, while there are several interesting DT's available in Round 2. Marcus Cannon, a possible

left offensive tackle, is unfortunately undergoing chemo for a tumor. He should be ok by the fall, but it certainly delays

his ability to contribute. So my pick at 22 is Derek Sherrod, because he has the agility, speed, technique and size to

succeed in the NFL. What he lacks is great strength and a mean streak. He can handle the first problem in the

weight room. I would be comfortable with this pick. I had considered if this was the 1st round scenario, that Polian

should try to trade down and still pick up Sherrod with say, Chicago's pick. However, several of the teams immediately

after the 22nd pick would be interested in Sherrod. Can't take that chance.

                                              Here's my full mock/UFA favorites after the jump.

1st Rd. LOT Derek Sherrod, Mississippi State, 6-5, 315

2nd Rd. DT Jurrel Casey, USC, 6-2, 309

3rd Rd/ SS Tyler Sash, Iowa, 6-0, 211

4th Rd. RB Taiwan Jones, Eastern Washington, 6-0, 196

5th Rd. ROT Jah Reid, Central Florida, 6-7, 327

6th Rd. WR Kris Durham, Georgia, 6-4, 216

This draft could take care of the Colt's immediate needs plus adds real talent on offensive for the future.

However, there are still some likely UFA gems hiding out there that I would love Polian to sign up:

OLB Keith Darbut, Baldwin-Wallace, 6-4, 230

QB Mike Coughlin, Boise State, 6-4, 221

C Ryan Bartholomew, Syracuse, 6-1, 300

CB Cortez Allen, The Citadel, 6-1, 197

DE Markell Carter, Central Arkansas, 6-4, 252

OG Mike Person, Montana State, 6-5, 299

WR Aldrick Robinson, SMU, 5-9, 184

Good Luck Bill & Chris Polian!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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