A fan's note to our new players

To our new players:

I would probably say it is a safe bet to assume that at some point our new draft prospects or someone very close to them will stumble upon these message boards. In the event this happens / when it happens, I feel there are several things our future players should recognize about the community they are moving to and the team they are joining.

1) From wherever you are coming Indianapolis will probably will not be as fun as wherever you currently live. Sure there are things to do, but there is nothing definitively "Indianapolis" like a "Fenway Park" in Boston or the nightlife of a LA or NY. I suspect your time at the Combine might have revealed as much for most of you.

2) In light of Item #1, I now say this. If you embrace this town, they will treat you like a god. With the Pacers in a slump for the past decade, the Colts have become everything. There is no alternative for these fans. Indianapolis itself is a city composed of union workers who discuss the games on one of their two mandatory breaks from work. While the city may not be all that you would desire, dance with it, and you may find a love for it regardless of your perceptions.

3) You have landed smack dab in quite possibly one of, if not, the most Evangelical Christian states in nation. The only state more Republican than Indiana is Alaska. Everything tends to filter through those glasses. I would encourage tolerance in this matter if you are so disposed to think otherwise on the points of religion or politics. Just smile and nod knowing, "I went to and / or graduated from college that required me to form my own opinions on various issues. I can accept someone else's viewpoints on a myriad of topics." Just know also, people will hold you to their standards here. As I am sure you heard, our punter liking to swim in canals half-naked was frowned upon. So too will any of your actions which bring negative light to our city be looked down upon. 

4) In light of # 3, know that the team still has a culture that Tony Dungy brought with him. I don't mean that as an insult or as glowing review. He was a valuable asset for a specific period of time to bring a team that lacked consistency to team that can win Superbowls. Players, and fans rallied around him and his message. Selections for the team were made while Dungy was coach with this thought in mind. While Bill Polian is slowly changing the character of the locker room, it still has a significant influence on the team. I am sure some of you were drafted because you fit this mold. All we as fans ask is that you try your hardest to make your place on the team and with your team mates as best you can.

5) Realty: Live in the Northern Suburbs. The practice facility for the Colts is on the NW side of the city. Traffic can be a bear as the highways are not fully adequate for the city size. Aside from this factor, the majority of the wealth of Indianapolis metro area lives in this area. I would recommend against the condo market as it is either overpriced or woefully inadequate. Honestly, the best thing to probably do is (if you are high round pick) grab a place with a more acreage outside of the 465 ring and add any amenities that you want). Other athletes have done Geist or Eagles Creek Reservoirs. Mid round to late round picks I would suggest looking in the Carmel / Zionsville area at some of the more recent foreclosures which will allow you the extra square footage on the house but still come with a reasonable price.

6) Get a car with good gas mileage. You need to drive to really experience Indiana for all that it is. Indiana is pretty diverse in terms of what it can offer, but the hills of Southern Indiana are nothing like the farmland of Central and Northern Indiana.

7) The safest bet you can make to ingrain yourself to this community is to become a Butler fan. There are people who are IU people. There are people who are Purdue fans. No one hates Butler.


A guy who represents 95% of your new fan base.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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