UDFA the colts should have interest in


Hey colts fan i know everyone is happy with are draft but now this is where the fun starts trying to figure out what UDFA Bill the draft steal Polian is going to go after  here are the FA

DT - Cedric Thornton - Southern Arkansas
Height: 6-3 1/8 - Weight: 309 - 40-Time: 5.26

Cedric Thornton has not garnered too much national attention after spending some time at Division II Southern Arkansas. Not surprisingly the 6-3, 309 defensive tackle dominated at that level. In 2009 Thornton had a great year, tallying 80 tackles. That is a lot of tackles for any player, but even more impressive for a defensive tackle. An amazing 23 of those tackles came for a loss and Thornton added 8.5 sacks for good measure. He even forced two fumbles and blocked a couple of kicks.

By 2010 everybody at the Division II level knew that they had to stop Thornton. They usually could not stop him, but he did miss a couple games and constant double teams decreased his overall numbers. He still totaled 52 tackles, 13.0 tackles-for-loss and forced yet another fumble.

The big question heading into the pre-draft workouts was whether or not Thornton could compete with the best the FBS had to offer. During the Senior Bowl he had his chance and did quite well. Even when he was beat, which happened a fair amount of times, Thornton got up and prepared to go at it again. His hustle has endured him to some scouts and after beefing up for the NFL combine, Thornton could sneak into the third or fourth round.

Career Stats

2007/2010 - 40 GP - 185 TKL - 44.0 TFL - 10.0 SACK

DT - Ian Williams - Notre Dame
Height: 6-1 - Weight 319 - 40-time: 5.25

2010: Started first eight games of the season before injuring his knee vs. Navy; missed season's last five contests. Returned to play in the Senior Bowl. Finished his career with 25 starts at NT.

Quick and strong with natural leverage. Stays low and uses his hands well to keep blockers off of his body; sheds well. Penetrates to disrupt blocking schemes. Does the dirty work; will sacrifice himself to tie up blockers and free up others to make the play. Space-eater who plays hard all the time.

Not very big and likely can't add weight without sacrificing quickness. Gives ground vs. the double team and is not suited to anchor. Gets cut and goes to the ground too much. Likely not a front-line player.

Career Stats

2007/2010 - 46 GP - 162 TKL - 13.0 TFL - 1.5 SACK - 2 INT

WR - Jeff Maehl - Oregon
Height 6-1 - Weight 190 - 40-Time: 4.56

Maehl is a crafty route runner that has very consistent hands and possesses a knack for finding the weakness in coverage.  He has adequate height and despite his slight build, he is a very tough receiver that is capable of absorbing a big hit and hanging on to the football.

He actually started his career at free safety but was forced to convert to receiver after injuries dogged him most of his freshman season.  A very coachable prospect, Maehl picked up the position quickly and has been one of Oregon’s most effective pass catchers over the

Maehl lacks the straight line speed and top gear to beat defenders deep.  He is also rail thin and struggles to maintain his blocks in the running game even though he gives the effort.

Things were made simple for Maehl at Oregon and his lack of bulk and top end speed will likely hurt his chances of being drafted high but there will be quite a few teams still interested in his services.  He’s a reliable player that knows exactly where to be and what to do, coaches rave about his accountability and great intangibles.

Career Stats

2007/2010 - 52 GP - 178 REC - 2,311 YDS 13.0 YPC - 24 TD

WR - Ricardo Lockette - Fort Valley State
Height: 6-2 - Weight 211 - 40-Time: 4.34

Lockette has legitimate sprinter speed to go along with a great build for the position because of his long arms and 6′2″ frame.  He torched the track at Indianapolis with a 4.37 forty yard dash and has the potential to be an elite deep threat with that kind of speed.

He is also a great kick returner because of his elite speed and ability to make defenders miss in space.  He is a physical player that will go after his opponent upfield blocking for the run and he always fights for extra yards, trying to break tackles.

He intitially signed to Auburn out of high school but failed to qualify academically.  Lockette then left Bethel college before finally changing schools to FVSU and he also brings maturity question marks with him as a result.  He never really dominated a lower level of competition which makes some scouts question his ability to make plays in the NFL.

Lockette has the blazing speed and prototype build scouts love but he remains an extremely raw prospect that will need a receivers coach in his ear every single day before he’s ready to contribute at a consistent level.  He’ll likely be drafted higher than he should because teams will be infatuated with his test results and measureables.  While he might not be an instant impact player on offense, he will certainly claim a roster spot thanks to his great kick returning ability.

Career Stats

2009/10 - 21 GP - 42 REC - 539 YDS - 12.8 YPC - 4 TD

S - Deunta Williams - North Carolina
Height 6-2 - Weight 210 - 40-Time: 4.55

When Deunta Williams arrived in Chapel Hill, North Carolina he was a receiver. Despite switching to safety prior to the start of his freshman campaign, Williams never stopped catching the ball. As a freshman he started all 12 games and led the team with three interceptions. He also ranked fifth on the squad in tackles that season and was on just about every All-Freshman team that exists. As a sophomore Williams kept it up, starting all 13 games, increasing his tackle total to 65 and picking off three more passes.

The production did not stop during his 2009 campaign. While the tackle numbers were down a little (mostly due to a more talented defense around him), Williams still earned First-Team All-ACC honors and had six interceptions, increasing his career total to 12. On a team that is loaded on defense (four players made First Team All-ACC according to the coaches), Williams is the big play guy. Williams was suspended for four games to start his senior campaign and he has yet to get back into the swing of things, however he is pretty much a proven commodity at this point in his career.

Williams' three years of consistent production have proven to scouts that he is a safe pick and what makes him even more desirable are his instincts and eagerness to learn. Williams will study game tape more than most quarterbacks and that is the type of player every team wants.

2/8 Update: After finishing off his senior season strong, Williams broke his left leg during North Carolina's Music City Bowl victory over Tennessee. While Williams' strong point is his instincts and intelligence, how well he recovers prior to the draft will play a huge role in his draft stock. If he can stay healthy, Williams could be a second round draft pick. If not, he could slip all the way down to the third day of the draft.

Career Stats

2007/2010 - 47 GP - 218 TKL - 16 PD - 12 INT - 231 INT YDS


S - Mana Silva - Hawaii
Height 6-1 - Weight 206 - 40-Time: 4.43

Biography: "Opportunistic safety with nice size and speed. Effective facing the action, shows the ability to drive to the ball out of his plant and has a nice break to the play. Wraps up tackling and brings opponents down on initial contact. Fights hard to defend the throw, best between the numbers and possesses good hands for the interception."

Positives: Lacks suddenness in his game and indecisive. More of a straight-line defender that does not quickly change direction or effectively redirect to ball carriers. Over pursues plays and inefficient.

Negatives: Silva has done a terrific job the past two seasons and is a ball hawking safety that would be best at the next level in a zone system which reduces his lateral responsibilities.

Analysis: "Former Oregon State transfer that started the past two seasons for Hawaii, winning all-Conference honors as a senior. Totals last year included 85/8/7 after 74 tackles with four pass

Career Stats

2008/2010 - 38 GP - 169 TKL - 12 PD - 14 INT - 88 YDS

DT - Dexter Larimore - Ohio State
Height: 6-3 - Weight: 319 - 40-Time: 5.18

Bio: Part-time starter the past three seasons. Had 40/7.5/4 as a senior and 20 tackles as a junior.
Positive: Hard-working defensive lineman who lacks great physical skills for the next level. Gets off the snap with a quick first step, explosive at the point of attack, and works his hands to protect himself. Plays with good pad level, is tough to move off the point, and chases the action hard.
Negative: Straight-line defender who lacks the ability to quickly change direction. Marginal skill in pursuit.
Analysis: Larimore is a plugger on the defensive line and is best in a system where he's asked to occupy blockers. He lacks great upside but is a blue-collar player who can make a two deep in the NFL on a four-man line.

Career Stats

2007/2010 - 59 GP - 71 TKL - 16.5 TFL - 8.0 SACK

RB - John Clay - Wisconsin
Height: 6-1 - Weight: 248 - 40-Time: 4.87

The University of Wisconsin's junior running back prospect John Clay is a strong, powerful runner who can either run guys over or make a quick cutback to run down-field. When Clay has the ball, everybody knows it. He looks like a linebacker who just got hold of an interception when he runs.

The University of Wisconsin is known for two things: offensive linemen and running backs. Clay fits right into that prestige. Unfortunately, since Wisconsin doesn't need to do a lot of traditional things on the field (they run the ball a lot), Clay doesn't have a lot of film catching the ball out of the backfield or doing much pass protection. He is sometimes not even on the field on third-down or in other obvious passing situations. These sorts of things can be coached to him of course, but no team would ever consider using a running back as an every-down player if he didn't have these skills. This limits his immediate impact greatly.

Clay will likely need to lose some weight and try to improve his speed at the next level. He's a tough runner at 248, he can be a tough runner at 232. He lacks a second gear and rarely initiates contact to fight for extra yards.

Clay projects as a fifth round draft pick in the 2011 NFL Draft.

Career Stats

2007/2010 - 37 GP - 629 RUSH ATT - 3,413 YDS - 5.4 AVG - 41 TD - 11 REC - 72 YDS

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