2011 Undrafted Players: Who The Colts Might Be Looking At

The unfortunate reality of this ridiculous NFL lockout is that players who were not drafted cannot be signed to NFL teams as free agents. Those, dozens and dozens of quality players are sitting out there with no contracts, no income, no means of earning of living through football.

For a team like the Indianapolis Colts, undrafted rookies are really a main source of talent for the roster; almost as important as the draft itself. Key players in Colts history, like Dominic Rhodes, Blair White, Gary Brackett, Marcus Pollard, Ed Johnson, and Melvin Bullitt were all undrafted players. Five of those six mentioned were starters for this team at one point. Brackett is, currently, the team's defensive captain.

After the jump, we have a list of undrafted players that the Colts may be looking at in order to determine who they should target once the lockout is lifted.

For me, the safety position is the most intriguing, as is defensive tackle. Deandre McDaniel, a SS from Clemson, and Martin Parker, a DT from Richmond, might be players the Colts covet. Martin earned defensive MVP honors at the 2011 East-West Shrine Game. Colts fourth round pick Delone Carter won offensive MVP honors in that game.

Also, Delaware quarterback Pat Devlin could be someone the Colts like.

Player Position Height Weight School
Adam Grant  OL  6'6"  325 Arizona
Adrian Moten  LB  6'2"  228 Maryland
Adrian Taylor  DL  6'3"  311 Oklahoma
Alexander Linnenkohl  C  6'2"  304 Oregon St.
Allen Reisner  TE  6'2"  248 Iowa
Andre Holmes  WR  6'4"  210 Hillsdale
Andrew McGee  DB  5'11"  195 Oklahoma St.
Armando Allen  RB  5'8"  199 Notre Dame
Armon Binns  WR  6'3"  209 Cincinnati
Brandon Bair  DL  6'6"  276 Oregon
Brandon Saine  RB  5'11"  220 Ohio St.
Cameron Graham  TE  6'3"  244 Louisville
Carl Johnson  OL  6'5"  361 Florida
Cedric Thornton  DL  6'3"  309 Southern Arkansas
Charlie Gantt  TE  6'4"  252 Michigan St.
Chas Henry  P  6'3"  215 Florida
Colby Whitlock  DL  6'2"  302 Texas Tech
Damien Berry  RB  5'10"  211 Miami
Dan Bailey  K  6'0"  193 Oklahoma St.
Dane Sanzenbacher  WR  5'11"  182 Ohio St.
Daniel Aiken  OL  6'4"  244 Virginia
Darren Evans  RB  6'0"  227 Virginia Tech
Darvin Adams  WR  6'2"  190 Auburn
David Sims  DB  5'9"  200 Iowa St.
DeAndre Brown  WR  6'6"  233 Southern Miss
Deandre McDaniel  SS  6'0"  217 Clemson
Demarcus Dobbs  DL  6'2"  281 Georgia
Derrell Smith  LB  6'0"  243 Syracuse
Derrick Locke  RB  5'8"  188 Kentucky
Deunta Williams  CB  6'2"  205 North Carolina
Devon Torrence  DB  6'0"  199 Ohio St.
Elijah Joseph  LB  6'1"  243 Temple
Garrett Chisolm  OL  6'5"  312 South Carolina
Graig Cooper  RB  5'10"  205 Miami
Henry Hynoski  FB  6'0"  257 Pittsburgh
Ian Williams  DL  6'1"  319 Notre Dame
Isaiah Thompson  OL  6'3"  300 Houston
Jacob Rogers  K  6'2"  213 Cincinnati
Jamar Newsome  WR  6'1"  200 Central Florida
Jamel Hamler  WR  6'1"  193 Fresno St.
Jarriel King  OL  6'5"  317 South Carolina
Jeff Van Camp  QB  6'5"  218 Florida Atlantic
Jeffrey Maehl  WR  6'1"  190 Oregon
Jeremiha Hunter  LB  6'1"  239 Iowa
Jeron Johnson  SS  5'10"  212 Boise St.
Jerrard Tarrant  FS  6'0"  204 Georgia Tech
Jerrod Johnson  QB  6'5"  251 Texas A&M
Jimmy Young  WR  6'0"  204 TCU
Jock Sanders  WR  5'6"  181 West Virginia
Joe Lefeged  DB  6'0"  210 Rutgers
Joe Morgan  WR  6'1"  189 Walsh
John Clay  RB  6'1"  230 Wisconsin
John Graves  DT  6'3"  286 Virginia Tech
Joshua Davis  OL  6'7"  313 Georgia
Joshua Jasper  K  5'10"  174 LSU
Joshua Nesbitt  QB  6'1"  217 Georgia Tech
Joshua Portis  QB  6'3"  211 California (PA)
Justin Boren  G  6'3"  309 Ohio St.
Kai Forbath  K  5'11"  197 UCLA
Keith Smith  WR  6'2"  214 Purdue
Kendric Burney  DB  5'9"  186 North Carolina
Kentrell Lockett  DL  6'5"  241 Mississippi
Kevin Hughes  OL  6'4"  302 Southeast Louisiana
Kevin Rutland  DB  6'0"  190 Missouri
Kristofer O'Dowd  OL  6'4"  304 USC
Kyle Hix  OL  6'7"  318 Texas
Ladi Ajiboye  DL  6'1"  297 South Carolina
Lestar Jean  WR  6'3"  215 Florida Atlantic
Mario Butler  DB  6'0"  182 Georgia Tech
Mario Fannin  RB  5'10"  231 Auburn
Mark Dell  WR  6'0"  193 Michigan St.
Mark Herzlich  LB  6'4"  244 Boston College
Marshall Williams  WR  6'1"  188 Wake Forest
Martin Parker  DL  6'2"  303 Richmond
Matt Asiata  RB  5'11"  229 Utah
Nate Williams  SS  6'0"  211 Washington
Nick Bellore  LB  6'1"  245 Central Michigan
Niles Brinkley  DB  5'10"  193 Wisconsin
Noel Devine  RB  5'8"  179 West Virginia
O.J. Murdock  WR  5'11"  197 Fort Hays St.
Orie Lemon  LB  6'1"  242 Oklahoma St.
Owen Spencer  WR  6'2"  195 N.C. State
Patrick Devlin  QB  6'3"  225 Delaware
Pierre Allen  DL  6'4"  273 Nebraska
Preston Dial  TE  6'3"  237 Alabama
Ray Dominguez  OL  6'4"  334 Arkansas
Reid Forrest  K  6'0"  189 Washington St.
Ricardo Lockette  WR  6'2"  211 Fort Valley St.
Richard Henry  OL  6'3"  308 Nebraska
Richard Lapham  OL  6'8"  315 Boston College
Ryan Bartholomew  C  6'1"  302 Syracuse
Ryan Colburn  QB  6'3"  223 Fresno St.
Ryan Donahue  K  6'2"  193 Iowa
Ryan Winterswyk  DL  6'4"  268 Boise St.
Schuylar Oordt  TE  6'6"  261 Northern Iowa
Scott Lutrus  LB  6'2"  241 Connecticut
Scott Tolzien  QB  6'2"  212 Wisconsin
Sealver Siliga  DT  6'2"  305 Utah
Shaun Draughn  RB  5'11"  213 North Carolina
Terrance Turner  WR  6'2"  220 Indiana
Terrence Toliver  WR  6'4"  212 LSU
Tori Gurley  WR  6'4"  216 South Carolina
Ugo Chinasa  DL  6'5"  264 Oklahoma St.
Vai Taua  RB  5'10"  213 Nevada
Vance Cuff  DB  5'10"  178 Georgia
Wayne Daniels  DE  6'0"  260 TCU
Weslye Saunders  TE  6'5"  270 South Carolina
Will Hill  FS  6'1"  202 Florida
Willie Smith  OL  6'5"  310 East Carolina
Zachary Hurd  OL  6'7"  316 Connecticut
Zack Pianalto  TE  6'3"  256 North Carolina
Zane Taylor  OL  6'3"  309 Utah
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