Jim Tressel to Indy

                Since Chris Polian has been granted a large amount of control over Indy personal this year, and in light of some of the recent changes to Colts staff, I figured I'd write about the recently resigned  head coach from OSU: Jim Tressel and his potential to make it as a head coach in Indy. Lets face it fans for as much as I personally think that Jim Caldwell is a good guy, I have a lack of faith in him as a coach, and I think the front office does as well. And I say Caldwell is a good guy because he has some positives to his persona such as being quite, and letting the playing/coaching do the talking unlike Rex Ryan. Well Unfortunately for Caldwell the playing/coaching has done some talking, so even if the Colts win the Super Bowl next season, I think it is likely we will see Jim hit the door next season, and maybe another Jim move in? Before I move to the jump I'd like to point out the article that made me think of this and you can view it here.

If you read the article you will  note how Jim Tressel knowingly violated one of NCAA's rules. And In case you don't know what the rule was, I will tell you. What happened was Tressel had knowledge of the players selling memorabilia for benefits as well as other wrong doings, but he didn't say anything about it. When I first saw that, It was a red flag for me, and it still is but not as big of an issue now for two reasons. The first reason is while he didn't take it to the compliance office at Ohio State, he did try to handle by contacting a mentor for at least one of the players to my knowledge. So it's not like he didn't do anything. The other reason is that if he came to Indy, he would be under a good front office, that has a history of disciplining players, and personal for miss conduct. So while this is a red flag, it is a rather small one.

Now enough about the bad; here are the reasons as to why he would make a good fit in Indy. 

1. The guy has an extremely impressive resume. He has won a total of around 5 national championships (correct me if I'm wrong) he has one of the win-ingest records of all college football coaches which is 106-22, or 0.828. He is 66-14 in the Big Ten and 9-1 against arch-rival Michigan. Last year he also won the Sugar Bowl. He is also known as one of the better college recruiters.

2. A couple of articles have made mention of his crisis management, and management skills all together.  Last year he did coach the team that one the Sugar Bowl amidst all the allegations and rumors of what was going on with  the him and the 5 players accused of the selling of memorabilia, receiving benefits such as cars, and other things. And has a good track of keeping his players focused on the goal.

3 He has a total of 66 first round draft picks 13 of which are first rounders, That includes are own Anthony Gonzalez. Of those 66 players, coaches across agree that they are the most NFL ready and some of the most blue chip hard working kind of guys out of any college. And blue chip players fits right into what the Colts like to draft.


4 The transition to the pros would be easier as Jim Tressel would have the greatest QB to ever play under center. Also one of his assistants at OSU is now the Defensive Coordinator for the Jags. So we might see a new defensive coordinator come in?? (I'll leave this open as to whether that is good or bad)

5 He is extremely loyal to both his staff and his players, which has in most cases a fierce loyalty back. Which has helped make his players play harder and win more. Which is great attribute to have in a Head Coach. It should also be mentioned that a lot of former Buckeye's are upset about his departure.

O and some brownie points in

1 Indy isn't to far from Columbus

2 Our front office seems to be somewhat partial to the Big Ten

All this being said there is some doubt as to whether or not he will make it in the NFL IF he were to come in. That is largely to do with the fact that most college coach's don't make it in the NFL and because of the circumstances surrounding his departure from OSU. However as it was stated in the article I had linked back at the top there is at least one AFC executive that likes or at least thinks he ran the program at OSU well. Maybe Chris Polian is looking to put in his head coach, and likes what he sees in Tressel. I think he would be a good fit for Indy.



NFL, and NFP.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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