Where Should Colts Running Backs Rank in Fantasy Football?

For the people who play fantasy football the draft is a hallmark day.  Those who skimp out on doing research and come unprepared tend to walk away with nothing to show for it, like the real NFL draft.  Personally, I look forward to marking the day on my calender.  The scouting reports and crunching stat numbers like a over worked accountant on his 12th cup of coffee.  You know, the things that define what it takes to become a champion.  

The local stores have started stocking their shelves with the newly printed fantasy magazines.  Releasing the rankings for all the categories of players from quarterbacks to kickers.  This made me decide to take a look and see where our boys in blue (and I'm not talking cops) respectively fall on their list.  In Fantasy League Football 2011, Joseph Addai was placed 29 spots below such names as Mark Ingram, Daniel Thomas, and even Roy Helu.  Guys who haven't even made a name for themselves in the league yet.  While Donald Brown sits 21 spots below him at 51 but, considering what he's done so far seems a bit more suitable.  Now, Lindy's Sport Fantasy Football 2011 magazine, a personal favorite of your truly, projects a tad differently.  They have Addai resting at 25th overall and Donald Brown not even ranked. 

Myself being in a PPR (Point Per Reception) league the parameters of selecting a running back change, not making all scales equal.  Someone like LeSean McCoy who lead the league last year with 78 receptions moves up several spots.  Taking a look at the point system for our league the setup is:

1 Point Per Reception

1 Point Per 10 Yards Rushing

7 Points Per Touchdown

-3 Points Per Fumble

After the Jump I wanted to show my rankings for running backs based off this system.  Please feel free to express if you think someone on my list is placed higher or lower than they should and why...

1. Arian Foster

1616 Rushing Yards/66 Rec for 604 Yards/18 Total TDs

2. LeSean McCoy

1080 Rush/78 Rec for 592 Yards/9 Total TDs

3. Jamaal Charles

1467 Rush/45 Rec for 468 Yards/8 Total TDs

4. Adrian Peterson

1298 Rush/36 Rec for 341 Yards/13 Total TDs

5. Chris Johnson

1364 Rush/44 Rec for 245 Yards/12 Total TDs

6. Ray Rice

1220 Rush/63 Rec for 556 Yards/6 Total TDs

7. Maurice Jones Drew

1324 Rush/34 Rec for 317 Yards/7 Total TDs

8. Darren McFadden

1157 Rush/47 Rec for 507 Yards/10 Total TDs

9. Matt Forte

1069 Rush/51 Rec for 547 Yards/9 Total TDs

10. Peyton Hillis

1177 Rush/61 Rec for 452 Yards/13 Total TDs

11.Steven Jackson

12. Frank Gore

13. Rashard Mendenhall

14. Ahmad Bradshaw

15. Micheal Turner

16.Jonathan Stewart

17. Ryan Mathews

18. LeGarrette Blount

19. Joseph Addai

20. Jahvid Best

21. Shonn Green

22. Felix Jones

23. BenJarvus Green-Ellis

24. Mark Ingram

25. Cedric Benson

26. Knowshon Moreno

27. De Angelo Williams

28. Daniel Thomas

29. Ryan Grant

30. Marshawn Lynch

31.C.J. Spiller

32. Ryan Torain

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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