Manning will not be 100% for the beginning of the NFL season, again. Preseason QB situation.

Its times like this when I wish the Colts had a little something extra than what they already have with there current number 2 QB. Curtis Painter imo should be playing somewhere in Canada. But hes not. We've heard the arguement that once Peyton goes down, we're screwed. 2-14 season, no post season, no touchdowns, NO SUCCESS.

Now I understand a backup QB is not guaranteed winning or anything. But depth is important to the Colts, and I dont understand only having 2 qbs (Manning is invincible) and the second one being Painter. We do need a quality backup, someone who could possibly learn behind Peyton and groom to be an adequate starter someday. I was all for drafting Ricky Stanzi because the man's a winner, but our draft was so BA that I can forget about it. Now for the 2012 NFL draft I have put a couple of QBs we could draft that are pretty good, without wasting a 1st, or even maybe a 2nd pick on him.

Kellen Moore - Boise State -

Ok, everyone loves this guy. He is a winner. He's expected to be a 3rd rounder in 2012 and pocesses all the emotional traits as a Heisman winner. Knocks on him are his size. He is only 6'0 and under 200 lbs currently. He doesnt have the strongest arm in the world either. Sounds like Drew Brees and Chad Pennington put together. But, he makes smart throws. I would have no problem him being given a shot to back Peyton Manning up.


Kirk Cousins - Michigan State -

Now I really like this guy. Shows great leadership and has turned into the quarterback Michigan State has been looking for. Named #3 Quarterback heading into 2012 draft and could be a 1st round pick. I dont know if we get Kirk Cousins, but this guy could shape up to take the starting qb job once Manning retires, if we draft him.


Dominique Davis - ECU -

Sorry for the lame video, they dont have much of him on youtube so skip to about 2:20 and you'll find him and you'll like what you see. He put up pretty numbers last year at ECU and he has a strong arm, he's mostly accurate and can run. I would love to have someone that can escape the pressure once the line collapes. Projected in the 6th which is perfect.


Ryan Lindley - San Diego State -

Lindley plays in an NFL pro style offense. He took a 4-8 team and turned them into a 9-4 team. Lindley could be the sleeper of 2012 at quarterback if his accuracy and intangibles improve. Somewhere between 3-5th is expected.


And that's a few guys who I wouldnt mind have given the chance to come in and try to earn a backup spot. Of course there is a couple of free agents that I want to see come in and participate and one is Scott Tolzien. That guy looks like an NFL QB. Welp, this is my first post guys. Thanks for reading my opinions that dont really matter!

Another wise investment. The Broncos have 3 starting caliber quarterbacks on there roster. I dont see Orton or Tebow going anywhere. But I can see Brady Quinn being the odd one out and there is no sense in paying him that kinda money for a third string or just being cut during training camp or preseason. Brady Quinn is a good quarterback, i dont care how much you dog him. I remember watching the old Notre Dame games, speaks for itself, and then i remember watching his starting debut against Denver. He played excellent. And they would have won that game if not for Cleveland's defense being terrible in the second half. If they won that game, alot of things would be different for Quinn. He never got a chance. Colts, or SOMEONE should take this kid. He has starter talent. I would love the Colts bringing him in.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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