2012 Pre-Season Mock Draft

This is a preseason Colts mock draft, meaning that neither the collegiate nor the professional league have begun playing games yet. For this reason, indicating draft position or even a player's draft stock, is near impossible, which would mean making a full, 7 round mock draft for a team would be even harder. However, I'm pretty amazing so I'll be the first one on Stampede Blue to do one! 

Keep in mind that there are several things that can make draft stocks rise and lower, which would include things like..

Collegiate season results, arrests, combine/pro day results as well as interviews, and position (ex: Quarterbacks rise as positions like linebacker fall).

None of these things have occured yet (well besides position, I guess), so I'll be using the players' draft stocks as they currently appear on most scouting sites.

First Round:

Jeff Fuller, WR, Texas A&M
Height: 6-3. Weight: 215.

Reason: Reggie Wayne is declining, on a contract year, wants a long-term deal. However, since Wayne plays on a position that is known not to age well, he will most likely not get a long-term contract, but instead will recieve either a franchise tag or a short (1-2) year deal. This is to get the most production possible before he retires or runs out of gas. Also, both Pierre Garcon and Anthony Gonzalez are on contract years as well. Since its highly unlikely that all three of them get re-signed, atleast one of them will need to be replaced.

Description: Fuller, a senior with good work ethic, is exactly the type of player that Bill Polian likes to draft early in the draft. He is a great route runner, with good hands and has the size and jumping ability needed to be a solid possession reciever. However, he has problems against Press Coverage, and isn't necesarily a 'burner'. However, he plays faster than his 40 time (about 4.45) indicates.

Prediction: The Colts will enter the 2013 season (assuming the Mayans were wrong and that life as we know it doesn't go poof) with Reggie Wayne, Pierre Garcon, Austin Collie, Jeff Fuller, and Blair White on the depth chart, in that respective order (sorry, Taj Smith). Although he may be the 4th reciever, the Colts' recievers don't exactly have an injury-proof history, so playing time won't be as concerning as it seems. Also, most rookie recievers take atleast a year or two to get accustomed to the NFL level of play, so this would give him a chance to develop without pressure. If Blair White, who wasn't even on the roster at the beginning of the year, could get 35 catches for 500ish yards,  I'd say that atleast 42 catches for 525 yards for Fuller seems reasonable.


Second Round:

Ray Ray Armstrong, SS, Miami
Height: 6-4. Weight: 220.

Reason: Bob Sanders is gone, and Melvin Bullit is serviceable at best. There is no decent depth behind safety, and as last season has proven, depth means everything. Although Antoine Bethea will have the free safety position locked down for another 4 years, Melvin Bullit will only sign a long-term deal that will most likely involve starter-money, which the front office might be relunctant to give. This would mean that future starter at strong safety is needed.

Description: Ray Ray (yes, that is really his name), is Bob Sanders reincarnated, except he is about 8 inches taller and more durable. He's athletic, solid in coverage and is a hard-hitting beast in run support. However, although he has all the physical tools, he bites on play-action more than you'd like and allows his fair share amount of plays. You can always teach a player how to coverage, but you can't teach him to be a physical specimen. If you're still not convinced, just imagine how catchy yelling "Ray Ray" would be after he lays out a reciever going through the middle, or after he intercepts a pass. Exactly.

Prediction: He'll most likely split playing time with Melvin Bullit, but will win the starting job late in the season after Bullit re-injures his shoulder. He'll end the season with 65 tackles, 3 interceptions, and 1 forced fumble. Him, Bullit and Bethea will be the most feared safety combo in the entire league.


Third Round:

Matt Reynolds, OT, BYU
Height: 6-6. Weight: 325.

Reason: Ryan Diem will most likely be cut as soon as the CBA is made, most likely making Ben Ijalana the Right Tackle this season. However, with Mike Pollak, and Jamey Richards on the last year of their contract (finally), the Right Guard position, has become vacant. Drafting Reynolds allows Ijalana to kick inside, which should yield positive results.

Description: Big, and athletic. Those two words describe the type of line that the Colts seem to want to base their zone-blocking scheme on, and coincidently they also describe Matt Reynolds. Reynolds however, will be 25 at the beginning of the season. He will most likely drop due to that reason and result in being a steal to whoever drafts him. He may be a slight project, due to some inconsistancies in hand placement, but has is talented enough to be able to start at Right Tackle.

Prediction: He will start all 16 games, and the starting day line-up will be..                                                                    Anthony Constanzo, Charlie Johnson, Jacques McClendon, Ben Ijalana, Matt Reynolds.


Fourth Round:

Kawann Short, DT, Purdue
Height: 6-3. Weight: 305.

Reason: The current roster is composed of all 3 techs, and Antonio Johnson, who is replaceable. The Colts desperate need a new starter, or even decent depth at the position (because we all don't want to see Daniel Muir playing NT again..).

Description: A local product with the size and athleticism to eventually become a starter at the 1-tech position. He can stop the run and rush the passer, and has a quick first step off the ball. He can also play the 3 tech position.

Prediction: With virtually no competition, he is almost guarenteed a starting job or at the very least, the backup for 1 tech. I expect about 25 tackles, 4 Tackles for Loss, 1 Sack.


Fifth Round:

Lonnie Edwards, G, Texas Tech
Height: 6-4. Weight: 322.

Reason: With the retirement of Jeff Saturday, and the loss of interior line depth after next season, the Colts need a project player that can provide solid depth in the interior of the line.

Description: Scouting reports aren't out yet on him, but based on pure measurements, Edwards seems to be a good project. Good speed for his weight, and has been a reliable, 3 year starter.

Prediction: He will replace Mike Pollak/Jamey Richards, and will provide solid depth for several years to come.


Sixth Round:

Brandon Bolden, RB, Ole Miss
Height: 5-11. Weight: 220.

Reason: Joseph Addai will be 29 before the season starts, which means his best days are behind them. Donald Brown, although not lacking in pure physical talent, has shown a lack of vision the past 2 years, and Delone Carter isn't good enough of a pass catcher or pass protector to be a full time back. Another running back is needed to either replace Addai or offer a change of pace/ third down back .

Description: He has good vision, and has the ability to break tackles. Although he may not run past people (Chris Johnson), or send them to the turf (Adrian Peterson), he can still effectively gain yardage. A great reciever and pass protector, hes exactly the type of running back the Colts will be looking for.

Prediction: He'll be fourth on the depth chart, so don't expect TOO much production. However injury prone Addai and Brown on the team, I'm sure he'll have around 65 carries for 285 yards with 20 receptions for 185 yards.


Seventh Round:

Nathan Williams, DE, Ohio State
Height: 6-3. Weight: 260.

Reason: Both Mathis and Freeney are aging, and Mathis is in a contract year. Jerry Hughes hasn't shown much at this point and Keyunta Dawson won't make the roster this season. The Colts need a project DE that defensive line coach John Teerlinck can develop into, well the next Robert Mathis.

Description: Physically gifted, but hasn't lived up to his athleticism. Hes good enough against the run, but needs to refine his pass rushing techniques.

Prediction: He'll be dead last on the depth chart, so maybe 20 tackles (about 8 of them from special teams) and 2 TFL would be a reasonable expectation.


Scouting reports haven't been completed for most draft prospect which is why the description is slightly vague. I did some of the description based on pure statistics and measurements, so sorry in advance for any mistakes.

As always, go colts and a rec is always appreciated.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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