Post Lockout Comments

Finally Football is here again and here are my 10 thoughts after the jump!

1. Sign Peyton asap, but to remain competitive his deal should only be slightly higher than Tom Brady. Be creative to allow as much flexibilty as possible. The cap will increase significantly over the next 10 yrs so take that into consideration. The player's assn will argue he should get the most money he can, so future guys like Matt Ryan, Aaron Rodgers, and Joe Flacco benefit. The reality is the owners have to spend 99% of the cap so how much Peyton gets only affects a handful of QB's and other Colts players so I vote for keeping the team competitive and spending the money to improve the Colts. Peyton's loyalty and heart is with the Colts and therefore he should tell the player's assn to F-off that he prefers to win more games and his loyalty is more towards his teammates making more money than other teams QB's.

2. Restructure or get rid of the exhorbitant salaries of Hayden and Diem, although I don't know the actual cap effect so it may not help that much. Resign our key players and a couple other guys too. If we sign Addai and the receivers stay healthy the offense can be very good. Glad they signed Nate Davis. Need a playmaker or 2 on defense to increase the turnovers.

3. New special team rules help the Colts since there will be more touchbacks. Our special teams are terrible.

4. Rookie salary cap may actually hurt the Colts as the weak teams have more money now to spend on free agents. Colts have drafted at end of 1st round last 10 yrs so we didn't have to risk the big bucks on the rookies. I see more money going to the top 10 free agents so the effect on the veterans will be limited to the star players.

5. Football may be sloppy to start but hopefully Colts will be ok with a lot of guys back that know the system.

6. Keep our injuries down this year and we should be in the hunt.

7. Caldwell - you cannot call timeouts without a 2nd approval by someone that knows when proper timeouts should be called.

8. Classy moment by Jeff Saturday with Robert Kraft. I hope Saturday stayed in shape and is ready for the season. Condolences to the Kraft family, it sounds like Myra was a wonderful person.

9. Get some real food at Lucas Oil. The food sucks and is mostly unhealthy.

10. Don't open the roof, except at night. Just because you wasted millions of dollars installing the retractable roof, don't penalize the fans. It is very difficult to see the field when it is sunny because of the glare and shadows from the sun. It has nothing to do with being in a comfortable climate, it is very frustrating when you spend alot of money on tickets and you can't watch the game.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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