Peyton Manning Doesn't Know If He Will Be Ready For Training Camp In 2011

HOUSTON - SEPTEMBER 12: Quarterback Peyton Manning #18 of the Idianapolis Colts during first half action against the Houston Texans at Reliant Stadium on September 12 2010 in Houston Texas. (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)

Because of the owner-imposed lockout, a player like Peyton Manning cannot work with the Colts team physical therapist as he recovers from his May 23rd shoulder surgery. As Chris Mortenson reports:

"The lockout didn't allow me to work my (Colts) therapist, Erin Barill, and I'm just not comfortable taking any chances with this thing," Manning said. "Erin knows me. He's rehabbed me through two other surgeries (neck and knee) and I think most people understand that once you build up a trust with your therapist, that's the guy you want and need to work with."

Manning, who is currently at his annual 'Manning Passing Camp,' told Mortensen he has 'no idea' when he will be ready to participate in training camp if and when the lockout ends. He is in 'cautious' mode, and is unwilling to test the shoulder by throwing the football until he gets evaluated by Erin Barill, the Colts physical therapist.

So, basically, what this means is Peyton Manning isn't throwing any footballs until Barill looks him over, and Barill can't look at his shoulder until the lockout ends.

Barill worked with Manning when he rehabbed his knee in 2008 and his other shoulder last season.

Mortensen also reported on Peyton possibly working to get out from the Colts imposing the franchise tag on him for 2011:

Franchise tags, which provide guaranteed money but restrict a player from shopping his skills to other teams, are expected to remain in the next collective bargaining agreement between the league and players.

However, as one of the plaintiffs in the case, Manning has to sign off on any agreement and could seek different remedies, including possibly asking for a condition that the Colts are not allowed to place a franchise tag on him beyond 2011 if he does not have a new contract. Manning still has not signed his $23 million-plus franchise tender.

We wrote about this last week. As we said then, Peyton has every right to try and get the maximum amount possible in his next contract. The Indianapolis Colts simply do not exist without Peyton, and both he and Jim Irsay know that.

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