Bill Polian Offers 'No Comment' When Directly Asked About Colts Interest In OSU's Terrelle Pryor [UPDATE]

JEANNETTE, PA - AUGUST 12: Terrelle Pryor works out at a practice facility on August 12, 2011 in Jeannette, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)

[UPDATE]: Both Albert Breer of NFL Network and Mike Florio of PFT have confirmed that Colts scouts are present at Pryor's Pro Day today.

This morning on ESPN's SportsCenter, Adam Schefter was on and stated that the Colts are indeed interested in drafting Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor next week in the NFL's 2011 Supplemental Draft. This report now comes after Todd McShay, another ESPN employee, reported two days ago that Pryor was on the Colts radar.

The story got even more interesting when, last night, after the Colts were throttled at home in their second preseason game, and Curtis Painter continued to prove he is the worst quarterback in the entire NFL, Colts vice chairman Bill Polian was interviewed by radio play-by-play man Bob Lamey during the Colts post-game program on Indianapolis radio station 1070 The Fan. Lamey took a moment in the interview to ask Polian about the report that the Colts were interested in Pryor. Polian's answer was... interesting, to say the least.

I have no comment about that.

Bill went on to then insult supposed media 'insiders,' and how they don't know what they are talking about. He also made a point to say the 'insiders' should go outside some more and 'get some sun.'

This response was a deviation from the normal, 'We're interested in all kinds of players,' jargon that the Colts normally toss out there when asked about specific players. The 'no comment' line is even more intriguing when you see Jim Irsay's tweet this morning:

Not taking Pryor...

Really, Mr. Irsay? Then what's your scouting department doing at his Pro Day?

I'm not encouraging or suggesting the Colts go after Pryor, but the reports of their interest coupled with Polian's response last night make the story interesting. Also, no offense to Mr. Irsay, but he doesn't run the Colts football operations. The Polians do, and if they have an interest in Pryor, they likely might not have told the boss.

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