For all the Colts fans out there

Okay everyone that's it. I've had enough of all the bs that I've been hearing out of numerous members on this site. So I'm here to offer my thoughts, and ask some questions to all those members who's comments have left me wondering about the colts fanbase.



First off, and this is just my opinion, I think Peyton Manning will start week one. I've heard a few say it but I'll will say it here again, Peyton Manning would have to be DEAD not to start. There is nobody more dedicated than Peyton Manning in the whole effing world. Peyton will start write it down.

Second I believe the signing of Kerry Collins is more of a stab at Painter and Orlovsky.  The way I see it is they always knew there was at least some possibility that Peyton wouldn't start week one. So they go out and get a carousel of qb's and began to evaluate their options at backup. But what happens? Everyone sucks. So they decide oh crap we better sign someone who can actually get a first down, so they go out and get Collins. Did they 'botch' Peyton's recovery process or whatever the hell people were arguing about? I don't give a shit, what they botched was giving Curtis Painter a job. That is bad management. They should of realized a long time ago that Painter sucked, and started looking earlier. I don't give a shit how sure they were about manning starting, should of at least had a competent person to back him up, because now they are scrambling and look stupid.

Third, this whole, 'bad PR doesn't matter' thing is ridiculous on so many levels. Bad PR doesn't matter?! What the hell? Please raise your hand if you actually believe this. Look I know you may not like the media and may think, 'uh duh the media is stupid nobody cares' (As you type that onto a blog while watching espn) but I have news for you, the media is essential to the NFL as it is for just about everything else in the world that is bringing in money. Public relations is essential to the success of just about any business. Now when I say success of course most the time I am talking about financial success, which in our case doesn't necessarily matter as much as wins on the field. But the problem is the polians/caldwells/irsay's aren't good enough to get by with bad PR. The only few examples I can think of throughout nfl history that were able to have terrible PR but be amazing teams were the old raiders (late 60's- early 80's) and the patriots (past decade). Other than that the teams with the bad PR seem to fizzle away as time goes by. And I don't give a shit what anyone says the team of Irsay, Polian, and Dungy/Caldwell are nowhere near what the patriots and raiders were. You can take all your 12 win seasons and shove them up your ass. See the problem with the bad PR with not amazing teams, is that they fade away. After manning retires holy shit this organization is in for some absolutely terrible years. I bet polian retires with manning though, because if he were to stay for even 1 more season we would all see how bad he has become. Caldwell will most likely be done even before manning retires. I pray that if caldwell stays for the rest of manning's career, that he stays for another 2-3 seasons after manning retires. I pray that happens, cause I'm tired of everyone trying to say give caldwell a break (btw I have something to say a little later about that too). The only reason we can get past the bad PR now is basically because we are winning games. Once the wins start fading away the bad PR will stick out and really show how unnecessary all the crap is that Polian puts out there.  So I'll say it one more time, for all those hard headed fans, bad pr does make a difference the only reason we aren't noticing it right now is because Peyton Manning is a god, and he covers up the mistakes. You give Peyton Manning a better gm, coach, owner and he goes down as the greatest person to ever live. Forget just football I mean everything.  So just wait till Manning is gone and let's see you try and stick up for the Colts terrible PR then. There are too many colts fan that are spoiled into thinking 'yea we have manning 12 wins that's good enough'. But for colts fans that have been around a little longer and pay more attention to the NFL we cringe at every single incompetent move Polian makes, because it hurts manning chance. We want manning to win. We want manning to go down as the greatest ever. We get upset when ego's get in the way of allowing a team to flourish. When our team has the same issues that they had a decade ago, this is an indication of what's wrong with the front office. They are too stubborn to change, and it will come back to bite them in the ass as soon as Peyton retires (unless of course like I stated before polian and caldwell jump ship as soon as manning retires).

Also I'm happy we can at least all agree that at times Jim Irsay's antics are quite annoying. Yes his tweets are comical at times, but I'm growing tired of him tweeting all this dumb shit about favre and moss and owens. Again I like his spirit, but I wish he would be a little more serious, because once again this team could do so much better and him playing around aint helping. I like him better than a lot of other owners, but I'd like to see him step up and make some tough decisions, because the problem is Bill polian is running things right now and things are becoming more dysfunctional the further we go on.

So now for my final rant, I have 5 questions for all those colts fans defending Jim Caldwell stating that he, 'isn't that bad' or that other fans complain too much about him. So here please gather all caldwell defenders and please can you answer these questions.

1. What exactly does Jim Caldwell bring to the team?

- I've been wondering this for a long time and nobody seems to have an answer for this. What because he brings 'stability?' Caldwell's first two seasons and going into his third have been anything but stable. The team is up and down with injuries, legendary colts coaches have left, there are controversial calls left and right (and I'll talk more about that in another question). So for everyone that has this idea that caldwell is here for stability keeping the same things, he has failed at that. That's what he was brought in for though because polian wanted some mouth piece who wouldn't challenge him, and he got it in Caldwell.

2. How do people defend the controversial decisions made by caldwell?

- from pulling the starters to the timeouts, to numerous roster choices, I don't care what you think, whether they are right or wrong you have to acknowledge that they are controversial. The fact that they stir up so many people is reason alone to question caldwell's decisions. How you can constantly defend each decision is beyond me? All I need to know is look at Manning's face after the infamous timeout. Or look at the players' faces after Caldwell pulled them during the Jets game. Again we can argue all night how bad each call was, but the fact they are controversial says something in and of itself.

3. How can you defend a coach who doesn't inspire his team to play?

- I don't give a shit what anyone says about caldwell and his personality type. IT DOESN'T WORK IN PROFFESIONAL FOOTBALL. It just doesn't. Caldwell has to be one of the worst coaches I've ever seen when it comes to getting a team ready to play football. Now this part is more speculation, but I strongly believe that when the playoffs start, this is the period where coaches really shine. The players have been doing hard work all season but the playoffs are a completely different experience and a whole new season. All of the great coaches throughout NFL season, guys from Lombardi, to Bill Parcells, to Bill Walsh, to Chuck Noll, to Jimmy Johnson, to John Madded, to even Bill Belichick, they got their teams pumped for the playoffs. I guarantee you every single player on the Packers teams, throughout the Lomabrdi era would be willing to run through a brick wall for Vince Lombardi. Same goes for the rest of those coaches.  And now I know some will say, well we aren't expecting Caldwell too be that good, but you don't have to be a legend to inspire your team. Say what you want about guys like Rex Ryan or Pete Caroll but their players go out there and play their hearts out for their coaches. Same with Mike Tomlin, and Sean Payton. Lemme ask you this, remember when we were kicking ass in the Super Bowl against the Saints? What do you think Caldwell and Payton said to their teams at halftime? I bet Sean went in there and gave the speech of his life and went out there and laid it all on the line. And his players followed, while our coaching was questionable at best and players just got sloppy.  I'd just like to see a coach who had some more passion. You know who else is just like Caldwell but hasn't won anything yet? Lovie Smith. I like Lovie a lot but he isn't a good head coach. And now I liked Dungy, but how good would his legacy have been without the one superbowl? What happens if we don't make that miraculous comeback in the AFC championship game and the Patriots go on to win their 4th superbowl? Is Dungy still praised? But don't give me wrong Dungy was a good coach, and he is on a much higher level than Caldwell will ever be. Dungy was a very intelligent coach and a student of the game. But this soft style of coaching just isn't that successful.

4.  Would anyone else in the NFL want Caldwell if he were free? If not why do you think this is so?

-NO.  I don't think this is even close. I would love to see someone who defends Caldwell answer this question as to why nobody else would ever hire Caldwell.

5. Why should colts fans continue to be patient with Caldwell?

- Manning has 5 years left. That's it. 5 years to cement his legacy. I'm sure Caldwell is fine for keeping things the way they have been going, but I want better than anything we have had before. Caldwell has had 2 seasons, and they have had some of the most embarrassing ways to end the seasons that I have ever seen.  This is a time of urgency, not a re building year.

So I'll finish with this. I am a fan. Fan derives from 'fanatic.'

As a 'fanatic' I'm not content with a 12 game season just to be done after one game in the playoffs.

As a 'fanatic' I'm not content to have a defense that has sucked for over a decade now, just to see nothing done about it.

As a 'fanatic' I'm not content with hearing other fans being fine with the Colts mediocrity. (Is that expecting too much? i don't give a shit we have Peyton flippin Manning man should have 10 rings).

As a 'fanatic' I'm not content with giving the greatest QB of all time just one ring.

As a 'fanatic' I'm not content with seeing Peyton Manning constantly putting it all on the line just to will his team back to a victory

As a 'fanatic' I'm not content with seeing the look of disappointment on the players face season after season, just to turn around and see Jim Caldwell with the same look on his face.

As a 'fanatic' I'm not content with having a coach who doesn't change anything. We need change, because we would all love to see Manning go out with a bang.

Am I crazy for asking for all this?

Maybe, maybe not. All I know is that if teams without Peyton Manning can wins multiple super bowls, then imagine what a team could do with Peyton Manning.

You might not agree with everything I said here, and you might not agree with a lot of what guys like BBS say, but as fanatics of this team you must understand where we come from with our frustration.

Also the Titans and Texans will get theirs this season. Classless move coming on here talking shit. But it's okay Colts, fans lets do our talking on the field.

Go Colts!!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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