YOU ruined Curtis Painter?!?

This is a devil's advocate post so don't roast me folks.

Dear Colts fans,

Hi my name is Curtis Painter.

I have all of the physical attributes to be a solid NFL QB.  I had a "mostly" successful college career.  I have proven in practice that I can be very effective.  I can make every throw and when I throw it in practice I'm very accurate.  I've done so well that a team favorite pro bowl WR Reggie Wayne will rebuke the entire organization for bringing in a replacement. But when I step onto my boyhood field of dreams at Lucas Oil Stadium you ruined me by...

welcoming me with 70,000 boos and jeers.  I ran halfway out on the field and I even stopped looked back at coach Caldwell and put my hands in the air as if to say- are you sure you want to do this?  But he sent me out and you booed me the whole time. PM took all of the reps in practice that week and I was rusty.  The Jets smelled the blood in the water and without the support of the fanbase I was beaten to a pulp- not to mention that my sucka** o-line just let them at me.  And so my boyhood dream of playing in the pro's ended with me losing Peyton's  the Colts perfect season. (thanks coach for putting me in that position).  But you are the fans and you should have been there for me on my first series as a colts QB.

Then I spend a very boring season holding a clipboard...and then there is no work with the coaches in the off season due to the lockout.

But I continued to work hard to learn the playbook and study what PM says and does and secretly I've prayed that PM stays healthy.  But this year I finally have my chance to show what I can do.  The 100,000 plus who came up to watch us at Anderson saw that I'm on my game- but you all stayed quite because you didn't want to look like you didn't know what you were talking about.  You'd say he is a good practice but he can't do it in a game...that didn't help my gameday confidence.  You didn't want to be roasted by the other fans and look lame for supporting me.

So in the first game of the pre-season I had a crap o-line and I played two series.  This was supposed to be when I was going to shine-But I only get two series?  So the guy that lost all those games for the Lions came in and played two whole quarters.

In the second game the line couldn't pick up blitzes and I was so nervous because you all are in my head and I'm starting to think maybe you are right-maybe I can't do it in a game.  I play tight and I don't get into a groove.  My favorite target is having a baby and so Reggie can't play.  The other guys I've got my timing down with on the short relief patterns are hurt like they always are(gonzo and Collie). And Garcon drops passes from me.  Like always you guys hammer me an crush my confidence.

But the last straw was that the owner of the Colts tweeted that basically I suck and we need a real option.  Crushing my confidence again.  But I keep working and working.  Kerry Collins is signed.  Bill Polian announces that I'm not the game day starter week 1.  So to me this is actually a  relief.  So now there is no pressure- you all have written me off and so I have nothing to lose.

Which brings me to last night.  I had no pressure to perform.  I just had fun.  I had my security blanket Reggie Wayne out there and I know he will give me full effort. I rocked it and had fun.  

So maybe now you will give me the support you should have given me the whole time?  What says you Colts fan?

Curtis Painter 

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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