First Look At Indianapolis Colts 2011 Depth Chart

So, the Colts sent out their first depth chart to credentialed media this afternoon. They did this before updating the information on their own website (all the depth positions are still blank as of 1:37 p.m. Eastern). This should give you folks some idea of just how bumbling the Colts media relations polices are, and how little they regard their own, public-facing website.

Of course, Stampede Blue wasn't sent any depth chart info by the Colts communications people because... I don't know, I suck, or something along those lines. Perhaps our blog being critical of management, calling attention to their silly media policies, and reporting on things that they are doing that they shouldn't be doing doesn't sit well with the vice chairman and his family. I don't know.

But, hey, whatever. If the Colts don't want to send cool information to a website and network that reaches a helluva lot more readers than the Indianapolis Star, that's on them. Best we can do is work with what we've got, and continue to shed more light on the silly, anti-fan policies implemented by the Polians.

As always, apologies to the nice people who work in Colts communications. I know the edicts don't come from you. You folks, like many other people in America, are stuck working for horrible bosses.

So, yeah, the depth chart. Here's what we know, via Paul Kuharsky, Phil Wilson, and Ashely Adamson of WISH-TV in Indianapolis.

I'll do a more throughout breakdown of this roster later today, but right off the bat, the starting o-line is a joke. Mike Pollak starting again? The guy has been benched TWICE in two years, and he's been hurt in training camp. Linkebach over Castonzo? If the Colts start this rag tag group of losers against the Texans Week One, Peyton will get hurt again just as he did last year at Houston.

Eric Foster as the back-up NT is also laughable.

I'm interested in seeing Joe Lefeged this Saturday against the Rams. Impressive that he is there backing up Bullitt.

Thoughts? Ideas? Critiques? Comment below.

Oh, and if I see people writing 'STOP TALKING ABOUT COLTS MEDIA POLICIES' in the comments, we're just going to delete them. The Colts media policies are crap, and calling attention to the fact that they are, indeed, crap is what we are about here. You can either deal with that, or leave and read another site.

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