A Texans Fan Perspective On The Colts Game

Editor's Note: We promoted this from the FanPosts and edited it slightly so it would look better on a the main page. It's a good write-up on the game yesterday from a Texans fan. Many thanks to the writer. --bbs.

One thing I love about the SBNation blogs is the ability to interact with other fans. Sometimes, I like to do a after action report on the opposing teams blog because I think it can be helpful to hear an opinion from someone who is watching the game from the other side.

This game was pretty rough on the Colts and I have noticed quite a bit of doom and gloom from the fanbase, which is perfectly understandable given Manning's loss to the team and the subsequent drubbing in Houston. HOWEVER, I think there are some good takeaways here that should leave Colts fans with some hope.

Things that I liked about the Colts...

1. The Colts didn't quit. There are alot of NFL teams that would just mail it in after being down 34-0 at halftime. Instead, the Colts shut the Texans down in the second half. Even with a more conservative, clock eating approach, the Texans still would like to have at least put a field goal or two on the board, but they couldn't.

2. Collins was effective WHEN he had time. Other than the bad snap, Collins really didn't make a bunch of bad plays. The O-line had trouble giving him time to throw in the first half, but when they finally started giving him some time, Collins made plays. I think that as Collins gels with this o-line things will improve DRAMATICALLY on offense for the Colts. My guess is that by game four, we will see a very different Colts offense. It may not be world beating like it is with Manning, but it will be competitive.

3. Pat Angerer is a really good player. His intensity and drive sre impressive and the Colts should bne very happy with his play.

4. Jospeh Addai made some good runs. I think there is an opportunity this year for the Colts to find a run game. In fact, they will have to if Collins is going to succeed. It should be fun to watch the run game improve over the course of the season, and if they can turn it into an strong asset, the Colts will be that much more dangerous when Manning returns.

So those are just a few thoughts that were running through the "enemy's" head as I watched the game yesterday. Yes it was ugly, yes it was a tough loss, but it was also the first game for a guy who is stepping into the shoes of the best quarterback in the NFL and trying to do it with two weeks of practice. Things will only look up for the Colts from here and I expect our rematch in december to be a very, very different affair.



This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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