2011-12 Colts Predictions


The Indianapolis Colts' 2011-12 Predictions:


  • Disclaimer: This being a prediction it's obviously just one fan's opinion, that being said I feel I'm not being too much of a "Homer." (althought I would say I'm being optimistic) I'll write a few things I feel will be key points to each game. Thanks for reading and as always this is meant to start an intelligient discussion either for or against my opinion. I'm really looking forward to Colts Nation input.
  • 1 @Houston Texans - 34 - 7 (L)
        Everything thats needed to be said has been.
  • 2 Cleveland Browns - 21 - 17 (L)
        I think the offense continues to get better the more acclimated Kerry Collins gets with this offense. The defense has a big challenge in front of them with Peyton Hillis who I think will have a big game, and he will need to for the Browns to win. 
  • 3 Pittsburgh Steelers - 31 - 3 (L)
        We have no chance at winning this game, The offensive line is not prepared nor talented enough to handle the Steelers blitzes. The only way we have a chance at getting a win is if our running game opens up some passing lanes. Look for the Colts to grow from this game.
  • 4 @Tampa Bay Buccs - 24 -21 (W)
        This is where the season turns around in my opinion. The offensive line will start to gel, and Joe Addai will have a big day. The defense will rally to stop Josh Freeman's last ditch efforts to tie the game late in the fourth.
  • 5 Kansas City Cheifs - 14 - 10 (W)
      The Cheifs are really hurting without Weis' offensive genious. There defense is still very stout and it will be a fun game to watch. I'm predicting The Colts Defense to have one of the touchdowns.
  • 6 @Cincinatti Bengals - 17 - 7 (W)
        I think this will be Kerry Collins' coming out party, against a subpar Bengals secondary. The game will be close until the second half where Collins has a better understanding of what the Bengals are doing on the field.
  • 7 @New Orleans Saints - 34 - 14 (L)
        As much as I hate this, we don't have a chance. Their defense is arguably the best in the NFC. Forget about what the Packers did to them on opening day, I consider the Packers defense to be one of the best in the NFC too and they were picked apart the same way the Saints' D was. 
    8 @Tenessee Titans - 24 - 14 (L) 
       Chris Johnson will have a big day, and so will Kenny Britt as a result from play action passes.
  • 9 Atlanta Falcons - 31 - 3 (L)
       This team is taylor-made to beat (destroy without Manning) the Colts. They have all the things the teams who can beat us in our division (with Manning): Great RB, Stud WR(s), Solid QB play (game management wise), and a decent defense.
  • 10 Jacksonville Jaguars - 14 - 10 (L)
        This one could go either way to be honest. I see neither team as being the better one (without Manning starting of course). Look for the obvious MJD to have a big day, and I wouldn't be surprised to see the Jaguars throw less than 15 times.
  • 11 BYE
  • 12 Carolina Panthers - 21 -13 (L)
        This one is tricky, assuming Cam Newton continues to develope this is almost a sure loss. One week in the NFL isn't much to judge his performance (especially since The Cardinals best CB is a rookie). But, I say if Newton completes anywhere from 56-62 percent of his passes this is a close game. Any less and the Colts win the game, any more and the Panthers win easily.
  • 13 @New England - 28 - 17 (L)
        I don't want to write about it. The Patriots D-line will stop the run, thus stopping the Colts. The offensive line will not give Kerry Collins the time needed to be effective passing the ball. At this point even if Peyton Manning is healthy and ready to suit up there would be absolutely no point. We're out of the playoffs so there is no need to risk further injury.
  • 14 @Baltimore - 21 - 3 (L)
        The Ravens defense will be the deciding factor in this game (as with most of their other games too).  Ray Rice will have a big day.
  • 15 Tenessee Titans - 14 -3 (W)
        The Colts regain their pride with a win over a division rival.
  • 16 Houston Texans - 24 - 17 (L)
     This is it, the year the Texans beat us at home.
  • 17 @Jacksonville 21 - 17 (W)
        The season goes out on a high note. 
  • Offseason:
  • Key Departures: Reggie Wayne, Jeff Saturday, Kerry Collins, Ryan Diem, Anthony Gonzales, Jamaal Anderson, Tyler Brayton, Gary Bracket, Ernie Sims.
  • Key Additions: Peyton Manning (I'm going to consider this since he was gone for all of the 2011 hypothetically), Andrew Luck(QB Stanford 1st round pick), Michael Floyd (WR Notre Dame 2nd round pick), Rokevious Watkins (G/T South Carolina 3rd round pick), Josh Chapman (NT/DT Alabama 4th round pick), Zavier Gooden (OLB Missouri 5th round pick), Ken Plue (G Purdue 6th round pick), Jarell Young (FS South Florida 7th round pick). Various UDFAs as usual.
  • 2012 Draft Thought Process:
  • Andrew Luck - What better way to start planning for the future than to start with getting Peyton's eventual successor and franchise QB. I think learning under the best will turn this guy into an Aaron Rodgers like stud.
  • Michael Floyd - I highly doubt the Colts retain Reggie Wayne, he's about to start declining and anyone who watched the last couple of years of Marvin Harrison's career know just how fast greatness fades. So this makes since both to give Peyton a reliable target and a young Andrew Luck a Harrison-like reciever (I'm not at all saying his number will match Harrisons, but a good wide-out is key in the developement of a young QB).
  • Rokevious Watkins - The Colts need to replace Ryan Diem, and this guy is absolutely huge which goes along with their recent draft history of taking massive O-lineman.
  • Josh Chapman - He's a big phsical NT in Alabama's defense, pairing him with Drake Nevis (assuming he continues to develope as he has been so far) would be ideal.
  • Zavier Gooden - I've read that this guy could potentially see a massive stock rise, but if that doesn't happen I can easily see the colts snag him. 
  • Ken Plue/Jarell Young - I picked these two because the Colts generally get offensive lineman/linebackers/defensive backs in the last few rounds.
  • 2012 Draftees Measurables:
  • Andrew luck
  • Height: 6-4
  • Weight: 235
  • Proj 40: 4.80
  • Michael Floyd
  • Height: 6-3
  • Weight: 228
  • Proj 40: 4.51
  • Rokevious Watkins:
  • Height: 6-4
  • Weight: 340
  • Proj 40: 5.27
  • Josh Chapman:
  • Height: 6-1
  • Weight: 310
  • Proj 40: 5.20
  • Zavier Gooden:
  • Height: 6-2
  • Weight: 230
  • Proj 40: 4.63
  • Ken Plue:
  • Height: 6-7
  • Weight: 355
  • Proj 40: 5.38
  • Jarell Young:
  • Height: 6-1
  • Weight: 205
  • Proj 40: 4.53

  • Notes:
        This write-up is under the assumption that no one gets injured, which is a pretty unreasonable assumption. This is just my personal belief but the Colts will begin to think about life without Peyton this offseason. Thanks for reading. I need to give credit to for almost all of the draft knowledge.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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