That cute talented girl from your hometown

Remember when you left your home town?  Remember that girl you left behind?  You moved across the country, you spend some time figuring out if that long distance relationship would work out.  Then after awhile, you realize it just doesn't work out so well, and you start dating around again.  But no matter how hard you try you can't forget that girl.  None of the local girls seem to hold your interest.  When the local girls seem more interesting, the home town girl does something even more spectacular.  When the home town girl fails, the local girls are even worse?

That has been my life as a Colts fan.  15 years ago, I got hired by an out of state company and moved to another town with an NFL team.  For the first few years, I tried to follow the Colts as much as I could.  I even went to an NFL preseason game because the Colts were visiting.  My first year or two, the Colts were horrible, but I didn't care because they were my team. 

Unfortunately due to the Colts poor record, they weren't shown on local TV very much.  So I decided I'd better give in and try to put more heart into following that local team.  I found someone selling their season tickets to the local team for half price, and bought a pair of upper level tickets for $100.  That's right, two full sets season tickets for $100 total.  It was fun for the first few games, but it started to become a chore to drive to the downtown stadium, find parking, and spend the whole Sunday going to the game, and then fighting traffic trying to get home.  I found myself looking forward to away games.  Those weeks I got to stay home and if I was really lucky, the Colts game would be picked up by the local network affiliate and I would be able to watch them.

After that season, I decided not to force myself into becoming a fan.  I still went to the occasional game, but only when Colts were in town.  Since then, no matter how well the local team has done, the Colts have been better.  When the Colts have been down, the local team hasn't been much better.  Even though the local team is always on TV, I find myself watching the listings to see if it is a rare occasion that the Colts are on the tube.  If they aren't I usually don't watch football.  Its not that I hate the local team, I am happy to see them do well, but there is no ecstasy in their wins, and no depression with each defeat.

This season, I thought with the loss of Manning for the first couple months of the season, it would be a chance to revisit that relationship with the local team.  Maybe I would finally get attached to that team.  I've gone through two weeks of trying to watch the local team, I watched a couple quarters in week one, and quickly lost interest.  I didn't even manage to watch any of the local team last week.  When looking at game results, I didn't even get past looking at the local team's box score, while I poured through every recap I could find on the Colts loss.  Who is the local team playing on Sunday?  I haven't a clue, but I sure am looking forward to watching the Colts and Steelers on national TV Sunday night.

I may not have lost much sleep over any of the girls from my hometown, and I am glad to say that I wound up finding a local girl that I am happily married to, but I see no danger in not being a Colts fan after this season is over.  Nor do I see any hope of becoming attached to the local team.

You may ask, "How bad can this local team be to fail to gain support from a displaced depressed Colts fan?" 

All I can say is be glad you aren't a lifelong Seahawks fan.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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