Colts Injuries: Yep, Melvin Bullitt's Injury Is To His Shoulder

Yesterday, during his Wednesday press conference, Colts head coach Jim Caldwell once again looked like a stooge when, after he was asked about the health of Colts safety Melvin Bullitt, he answered:

"To be honest with you, Melvin has a bit of an issue that he’s dealing with that we’re just not quite certain where he is at this point."

Caldwell went on to say that Bullitt's 'issue' was the reason the team had signed former Columbus, Indiana high school star Stevie Brown to the active roster. Brown was drafted by the Raiders in 2010.

Caldwell chose not to elaborate on what the 'issue' was, though, in a follow-up question, he did confirm it was an injury, which makes you wonder why he didn't call it that in the first place. It didn't take much to guess what the issue-injury-whatever was. In fact, I was willing to bet money on the subject, but none of our writers took me up on it. Good thing they didn't, because roughly six hours after Caldwell chose not to elaborate on Bullitt's injury, Jim Irsay tweeted this [emphasis mine]:

Injury Report: OUT- Manning, E.Sims (knee) DNP- G.Brackett (shoulder), M.Bullitt (shoulder), D.Clark (foot), E.Foster (ham.)...(cont.)

Yes, his shoulder. Likely the same shoulder that has plagued Bullitt for years, and that he had a metal pin inserted into this past offseason.

As we have noted repeatedly, it made little sense for the Colts to re-sign Bullitt and make him the starting strong safety if there were serious concerns about his durability, which there were. Safeties with screws in their shoulders do not command confidence in their ability to stay on the field.

But, yeah, the front office thought it best to re-sign him rather than, say, go after Quintin Mikell or up the ante to reel in Eric Weddle.

And please, don't read into Caldwell's 'we’re just not quite certain where he is at this point.' They knew his shoulder was bothering him. They knew. They just didn't want to have to answer questions about it because, you know, it kind of makes the front office look incompetent when they re-sign a safety with chronic shoulder issues and that safety goes down two weeks into the season.

As Phil Wilson of the Indianapolis Star has stated numerous times, the lack of even the most basic, fothcoming information is likely not Caldwell's fault. Phil agrees (or, at the very least, he has said this in radio interviews) that Caldwell is a puppet of the Polians, and nothing gets told to the media unless Chris and Bill 'OK' it.

So ridiculously frustrating.

Here's to hoping rookie Joe Lefeged is not this year's Aaron Francisco at strong safety.

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