Jim Irsay Now Refutes Report That Peyton Manning Done For 2011 NFL Season UPDATE

UPDATE: Video here of Irsay indeed saying Peyton done for 2011. --bbs

Earlier today, WISH-TV Channel 8 in Indianapolis reported that Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay announced at breakfast meeting today with Super Bowl donors that Peyton Manning will be 'out for the remainder of the season.' 

After the station publishing the story on their website, Jim Irsay immediately took to Twitter and posted:

I didn't say Peyton out 4season FOR SURE,keeping him on ActiveRoster n taking it month by month/Outside chance of return n December possible.

WISH-TV has since changed the story title to 'Irsay: Manning likely out for the season.' Again, their original story was 'Peyton Manning out for season.' They've also added the following text to the story:

Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning will likely be out for the remainder of the season, team owner Jim Irsay announced at breakfast meeting with Super Bowl donors Monday, saying that the QB may take practice snaps in December.

The original text read, 'Sources at the breakfast meeting report Manning won’t practice again until December and may not play again until 2012.'

So, it seems the WISH-TV and their sources simply misunderstood what Irsay said... maybe. Irsay isn't 'FOR SURE' Manning is done. He's just done until December. You know? The last month of the friggin season.

WISH-TV has corrected the story, and all seems well now. Though, I'm sure someone like Bob Kravitz is currently on the phone lecturing WISH-TV on professionalism in the field of journalism, as he seems to like doing to us lowly bloggers.

This silliness and poor communication from Irsay aside, the bigger story here is, Why is hell is Peyton still on the active roster, and are the Colts THAT stupid to bring him back and play in December?

Why, in god's name, would the Colts even consider bringing him back in December when the season is already over in September? Even Tony Dungy recently said that he would not bring Peyton back to play in December if he were still coaching.

Also, it's not like Irsay's Tweet really clarified the issue. If we just look at the clarification tweet (because we don't have audio or video of what Irsay said at the breakfast this morning), it makes sense that WISH-TV would report the announcement the way they did. If a guy can't practice until December, then he is, pretty much, done for the season. Makes absolutely no sense to keep him around if that's the case.



As Trey Wingo of ESPN mocked on Twitter:

so to clarify Jim Irsay's position on Peyton: He's out for the year, unless he's not. got it

This team will likely have one or two wins at best when December rolls around. If the Colts trot out Peyton Manning to quarterback a 1-10 team in December, with the Colts clearly in the Andrew Luck sweepstakes, fans will never forgive him, Jim Irsay, or the front office.


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