Schefter: All That Remains Is Formality Of Placing Peyton Manning On IR

While Jim Irsay and the Colts fumble and bumble all over themselves to clarify comments regarding the status of Peyton Manning made by Irsay earlier this morning at a Super Bowl breakfast event, the reality is everyone and their mother knows he will get placed on injured reserve sometime this season.

If Manning doesn't land on IR, if the Colts bring him back in, say, December, when the team likely has just one or two wins, then the Colts will likely take MAJOR flak for that decision.

Here's ESPN's Adam Schefter today on SportsCenter talking about Manning and his injury status:

I think that all that remains is the formality of placing Manning on Injured Reserve to end the season. But, the fact that the Colts are 0-3 to start the season, that they aren't going to be winning much, if anytime soon, at that point why would you bring Peyton Manning back to a team that is going to be out of the playoffs chase. It makes no sense when he dealing with a neck injury. It would be stunning if he played at all this season.

What is absolutely fascinating to behold here is the way Irsay and the front office seem to be battling each other over how to best communicate Manning's status. Keeping Manning on the active list is certainly odd, but for the normally crass and belligerent bullies that are the Polians, they don't care how stupid their move look to anyone other than themselves. For them, they'd prefer nothing get said, and that anyone else talking about Manning should just shut up.

But Irsay, who is doing luncheons and breakfasts and other social events as the city prepares to host the Super Bowl in 2012, he has to say something when the rich people who attend these events ask him about the franchise quarterback.

Jake Query at 1260AM in Indianapolis summed it up best:

And for your halftime entertainment, Jim Irsay and Bill Polian will continue to arm wrestle over how to address the Manning situation

Kind of makes you wonder if there is a bit of a rift forming between Irsay and his front office. After the news of Irsay's comments were first reported by WISH-TV in Indianapolis, Ralph Cindrich, a sports agent whose clients once included former Colts tackles Tarik Glenn and Will Wolford, tweeted:

Bet Polian dropped some FBombs at Jimmy behind his back.

Why not to his face, Mr. Polian? Oh wait. Yeah. Irsay's your boss.

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