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I know...too early for this .... I'll admit up front I'm a draft's like Christmas to me and my favorite sporting event of the year.  I study mock drafts, read up on all the prospects, and even play the Mel Kiper Challenge, a drinking game where me and my buddies challenge Mel Kiper on our mock draft accuracies.

  The Colts as we all know have whiffed on their first rounds picks 3 out of the last 4 years with only Costonzo looking like a legitimate starter.  In fairness to Bill Polian if you look at our last 8 years we have drafted lower than 25th only once and the talent level at the end of the first is just not the same as at the top where most of the probowlers are found. 

Lets face it...this team at best is a 5 win team and probably closer to a 2 or 3 game win.  One of the few thing that gets me through the suckiness,  is knowing at least we can draft a top 10 talent next year.  Things will happen and players will emerge and others will fall but that being is an early look at some names I think the Colts would take a look at with a top 5 pick

1.  Andrew Luck QB Stanford:  Yes..obvious, supposedly the next Peyton Manning.  A can't miss prospect.  If the colts are to pick number one they have a real hard decision to make.  Do you take Luck knowing Peyton may still have 3-4 years left and let him sit on the bench or do you trade potentially the next Peyton Manning for an extra first and more picks?  For the record other fan basis's would be Pissed if the Colts got Luck

2.  Matt Kalil OT USC - Would they go OT again after just taking two?  This guy is a beast and the reason Tyron Smith who was the OT selected by the Cowboys this year in the 1st never made it to LT.  Supposedly the best OT in years to come out.  If you do this you move Costonzo to RT and Ijalana who many predicted as a guard when he came out goes to guard.  All of a sudden the line is a strength if you take your extra second and turn it into a top Guard or Center

3.  Matt Barkley or Landry Jones QB'S USC/OK:  I group these together as many think both are top 10 picks.  Risky QB'S with boom or bust potential.  Neither scream superstar but then again I din't think that about Aaron Rogers either.  If Manning doesn't recover...and Luck is of these guys might be a possiblity.. I would prefer they get the Boise QB in the 2nd round assuming he is there

4. Justin Blackmon WR OK State- Guy has been a beast at OK State and catches everything.  Does have a DUI and is a potential Diva WR but is being compared to Greg Jennings.....6'1 so not a Larry Fitzgerald or Calvin Johnson like Monster but will be a good starter

5.  Quinton Coples DE N. Carolina- I hate DE being taken early as we see busts here all the time. That being said if Mathis leaves and Hughes doesn't develop, this guy is the sack master of college football.  He is 280 pounds so more of a 3 - 4 DE.  Upside might be Mario Williams like and downside could be the next Vernon Gholston

6.  Trent Richardson RB Alabama- I would be excited if they took Richardson.  Trent is a baller who puts up runs on everyone even in the SEC.  Compares to Michael Turner and some compare him to Emmit Smith and he could make a bad line look good

7.  Alameda Ta'Amu DT Washington- Say that 3 times fast.  6'3 337 pound run stuffer.  Just what the Doctor ordered..could be the next BJ Raji or Haloti Ngata

8.  Janoris Jenkins CB N. AL- Not the greatest year for least not a top 10 talent jumping up yet...but Jenkins might be the top shutdown corner and he is a great return guy so he fills two needs...Dude loves to smoke pot thus why he transferred to N Alabama from FL after they told him he had to leave the team which makes me think the Polians will pass.  I would rather have Jenkins playing high then Lacey playing sober.  So maybe instead of passing on the pick the Polians should pass Jenkins the weed

9.  Alshon Jeffrey WR South Carolina - Some might argue better than Justin Blackmon.  Like Blackmon does not have the size of a Megatron or Larry Fitzgerald but a productive weapon for manning that compares to A.J. Green or Sidney Rice who proved he can be good if Tavaris Jackson is not his QB

10.  Luke Kuechly LB Boston Col. -  Tackle machine and preseason all american ILB.  6'3 225 with good insticts.  Looks like a Brian Urlacher type...put him in the middle...shift Angerer to OLB and cut Brackett for cap room

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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