What We Should Have Gotten Out Of Week 3

Hey Stampede Blue, it's been a while since I've made a post, and I just couldn't resist making one after some things I saw from last nights game.

Obviously we lost the game, but there was plenty of positives to take away from it.

Of course there are some negatives too, but overall that was an extremely exciting game for me, and should have been for all Colts fans around the world.

There has already been a few posts written up about last nights game, but maybe I can provide a different perspective for you, or maybe you were thinking the same things. Either way, here's what I noticed, and what you should have noticed from last nights game.

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For starters, everybody already knows this. They are respected, as they should be, as the best pass-rushing duo in the league. Give a hand to Robert Mathis and Dwight Freeney, they came to play last night. They were the only reason we were in that game at the end of the day. They each had strip sack fumbles, and Dwight Freeney (my favorite player) had one returned for a touchdown. But everybody knows these guys already, and I would just be stating the obvious if I went on about them. Bravo guys, you played great!

Don't only give it up for those two studs, but give a round of applause to the third rounder, rookie Drake Nevis. I saw him all over the field last night. A few times I even saw him getting doubled. I don't know if he's the answer we're looking for, but good god is he playing well, especially last night. He finally got to showcase his skills and he did NOT disappoint me, not one bit. I like this kid, and have high hopes for him. Wish him nothing but the best from here on out in Indianapolis.

So our defensive ends played well, as they should, and we finally got some productive play from our defensive tackles, and what does that lead to? The Pittsburgh Steelers, the rough and tough, physical bad asses, were held to 67 yards on 28 carries, by the soft, dome team, Indianapolis Colts. We shut them down, and it was very surprising to see our Indianapolis Colts do so well against a run first Pittsburgh Steelers team. Hats off to them and really the whole defense, because they played awesome!

My next point of emphasis is on the linebacking corp. I just am going to say this now. I never want to see Gary Brackett dress, and play as our middle linebacker again. I think he's overpaid and I personally am not a big fan of him anyway. The way Pat Angerer played last night was unheard of for a Colts linebacker. He had 20 tackles, 11 solo and 9 assisted I believe. He leads the league in tackles with 42, and the second highest has 31. He is balling it up out there playing in the middle linebacker spot. I think he's the future for the Indianapolis defense, and I have high expectations for him. He's still so young and he is playing awesome. Where's everybody now that criticized us for taking him in the second round? The other linebacker that is slowly becoming one of my favorite players is Kavell Conner. We got a seventh round steal in my humble opinion. He plays physical, and I love it! He had 10 tackles I believe, and while not as impressive as Angerer, he showed me some great signs that I think we as a fan base can look forward to.

Terrence Johnson leveled Big Ben. I like the physical play, but I don't think I saw a lot as a cover man. We'll see how he progresses. Still I think I like him better than Lacey, who I believe shouldn't be a starting corner for our football team.

Where's Tryon? I actually like him? Come on, why isn't he playing?

Another player in the secondary that impressed me was Joe Lefeged. I don't know what it is about him, but I have this feeling. He just seems like a great pick up, and even had he not got the interception, he still is looking good. Do we really need Bullitt? Joe looked pretty good back there. He picked off Big Ben and had a decent return. I like where he's headed, and again this is a guy that is so young, and has miles and miles of talent to develop still.

I don't know what you all think, but I thought we looked physical. Linebackers especially.




I'm just going to say this now, Painter didn't look THAT bad. Okay let's be honest, he should of hit Garcon in stride for a sure touchdown. Yeah he overthrew him, but the guy probably had very limited reps, and I'm sure going against the Pittsburgh Steelers defense, he had a few jitters. Was the sack fumble his fault? A little bit yes, but could the blocking have been better? Absolutely. To his credit, he led a great drive to tie the game for us, and keep hope in Indianapolis. I applaud Curtis Painter for that. I say we give him some reps and we should start him. It's obvious Collins isn't the future, so why don't we develop a young guy? Maybe we find some hidden talent, and if not at least we could develop a half decent backup? Besides, our season is most likely over, so what's the point of starting a quarterback older than the one we're waiting for to come back? Makes no sense, start Painter and see where it goes!

Joseph Addai is awesome. He is playing real well for us as of late, and he almost has to. Without him, we almost have no hope. He's running really hard, and while he is a shifty sort of back, I was seeing some tough yards gained. He is very important to our team, good move resigning him!

That being said, he isn't doing it alone. Our offensive line looked awesome. They man handled the Pittsburgh Steelers defensive line, whom is supposed to be some of the best in the league. Collectively, they all played well, but especially Jeff Saturday. He has been getting some criticism around here for his decline, well he didn't show any decline yesterday. He rocked Casey Hampton, and this is why Joe Addai had success running all over that great Pittsburgh Steeler run defense. Good job as a group, but Jeff Saturday just stood out to me!

Receivers were ehhh. Reggie is looking alright, but even he has dropped some balls. Garcon is still Garcon, he dropped a ball last night. Hell, even Dallas Clark dropped one. These guys need to show up if we want to actually win some games.




Like I said there were plenty of good things to come out of that game.

We hung in there with the defending AFC Champions, and gave them a game. They thought they were just going to walk right into the Luke and take an easy victory from this team. Not going to happen, we have a fight in this team, and that's great to know. We don't give up, and never will. Peyton or no Peyton.

Here's a question to dwell on.

Are we really a one man team, or was our quarterback play just that bad that it brought the rest of our team down. Not saying we need elite play, but what if we had average quarterback play? Would we really be THAT bad? Do we need that elite quarterback to survive in this league, or is our team good enough to mold around an average guy and get the job done? This is something that will be answered as we go deeper in the year.

Look forward to young guys developing over the next few years. We have talent waiting to sprout, I know we do!

Anyway, that's my assessment of last night's game.

Like it or not, that's what I got out of it.

Opinions and comments are always nice.

Rec'd if you liked it..

..and as always..

..Go Blue!!!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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