NFL 2012 Mock Draft

Although, Andrew Luck is projected as the person, If drafted, to lead the Colts to playoffs and Superbowl contention every year for the next decade the key to winning a ring is bringing a quality core of players. Just like every year, rounds 1-7 determines the success of a franchise. The Bengals made it to the playoffs under 2 extra-ordinarily rookies in Dalton and Green the rest of their draft picks as of now have not produced. Dontay Moch, Bengal's 3rd choice, has not produced this year due to suffering a injury to his foot in the first preseason game. Clint Boling, Bengal's 4th round choice, has only started 3 games this season. Last year, the Bengals clearly had a good overall draft solely upon Green and Dalton with the other picks getting virtually no game time.For the Colts to win, effective drafting becomes the foundation to another banner being added to the stadium.

Colt's need : QB, WR, DT,CB,SS,K,LB

Round 1 : Andrew Luck has the most value of any rookie QB thus far. This pick does not need much explaining as there are a vast number of articles based solely on the Colts and Luck.

Round 2: After years of being plagued by under-powered DTs, small and untalented CBs, and a injury prone Strong Safety the Colts use their second pick to solidifyone of these positions. There are only a handful of players worthy enough to be selected in the early second round. The Colts should have Stephon Gilmore rated high on their draft board. He is by far the best available CB in the second round and specializes in zone coverage schemes. Chase Minnifield would be a great selection here as he excels in both man and zone coverage. Both could easily beat be the #2 CB and may push Powers for the #1 job.

Round 3: After a attempt to further solidify the CB position, the Colts can now get someone to pair with Nevis or try and find a replacement for Bob Sanders. The Colts should have Poe as one of the best DTs in the 3rd if he faills but Harrison Smith, SS out of Notre Dame, should drop to the 3rd round this year along with Bullitt's injury history could line up alongside FS Bethea coming next season.

Round 4: Generally, Donnie Fletcher 6-1 and 195 pounds could be a stereotype of a man-to-man CB yet he was in a zone system and has played consistently well for BC. It is projected that if his speed is not great enough he could easily make a transition into a S because he's a good run stopper and a open field tackler making him a CB/S. An alternate person could be a G such as Lucas Nix or DT Marcus Forston.

Due to question about us possibly losing our 4th round com. pick due to Collins I will skip it but Forston, Nix,Ryan Miller, or Zeitler if he drops hopefully past the 3rd round I would go insane,even more if we don't draft him.

Round 5: Every QB needs a good core of wide receivers and tight ends especially if they are elite. Whether Peyton is still around or Luck is in the field we will need to bolster this position with Dallas and Wayne on the decline/leaving.The perfect person to draft is Jordan White. He led the nation with 127 catches for 1,646 yards.One thing about him is toughness back in '06 he suffered a torn ACL and lost 2 seasons due to 2 knee injuries along with James White, his father, suffering a car accident killing one person and causing White to enter a coma. He could become a late round steal and is worth even a late 3rd/ early 4th round selection and has stayed healthy ever since the injuries.

Round 6: Although, we have some young talent in the Linebacker corps. Sims and/or Gary could not stick around and we should plan accordingly. Someone like Mycal Kendricks could come in and offer some depth behind guys like Angerer and Conner. Other positions in need are OG/DE.

Round 6: Here I think we go trying to find another Garcon with players like Risard Matthews, Derek Moye who suffered from poor QB play, or Greg Childs who is a great blocking WR and great route running along with soft hands while being 6-3 and 217 pounds who may all be available in the 6th round.

Round 7: The 7th round rarely effects a franchise success but some teams get lucky such as Marques Colston form Saints and Donald Driver from Packers. A "perk" of us losing is we get the best of the worst with a high pick in the last round. With Vini being 39 year old it seems inevitable in drafting our replacement but there will be plentiful kickers that will not get drafted. Someone like SS Dye or G/DE could be selected.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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