My Colt Mock Draft

Many have offered their thoughts, and as East-West Shrine reports are trickling in, I thought I'd give my opinion.

1) Andrew Luck, QB, Stanford. I'm no longer denying it. It's gonna happen, and Manning will be gone.

2) Mohammed Sanu, WR, Rutgers. I strongly believe that when you draft a franchise QB you should also draft him a target who can grow and develop a special relationship. It makes more sense than re-signing Wayne, whose obsolescence will be coming in a year or two anyway. Sanu is very big and strong, runs great routes, and had fantastic hands. His speed is average, but better than can be expected from a receiver of his size. He's also a good "intangibles" guy - hard worker.

3) Mike Brewster, C, Ohio State. We could signMike Pollack as a stop-gap solution at center, but I think Brewster's a great value here. CB is a bigger need, probably, but I also strongly believe in ensuring Luck will stay upright. Brewster is a great pass-protector who is also a good positional run blocker. He had some trouble with his long-snapping this year, but in all he can be a top NFL center and will start Day 1 (unless Saturday comes back).

4) Keith Tandy, CB, West Virginia. I think there are some good mid- to late-round CBs in this draft, which is why I didn't draft Minnifield in the 2nd. I love everything about Tandy - scrappy, great in run support, great in zone, and under-rated in man coverage.

4 -compensatry for Session) Drake Dunsmore, FB/TE, Northwestern. I'm not sure how the new coaching staff will view things, but we had some success running behind other teams' castaway FBs last year. Let's draft one with more ability. Dunsmore is an excellent receiver who would give Luck more flexibility to change the play at the line - Dunsmore could be used as a lead blocker in a power-running formation or he could be a receiving threat in the traditional TE spot. I'd prefer to have Evan Rodriguez of Temple here, but I think he'll be gone.

5) Jerry Franklin, LB, Arkansas. No unit played better than the LBs last year, but I expect Brackett to go bye-bye and there is little depth. Wheeler could come back and Edds is okay, I guess. But Franklin would be the next in a long line of mid- to late-round LBs to eventually become a quality starter.

6) Brandon Taylor, S, LSU. Safety play was mediocre last year as Caldwell and Lefeged gained experience. With other needs, I put off the selection of a safety until this pick. You can't get all your needs filled 100% in one draft. Taylor came on in an extremely talented secondary and will make a contribution in the NFL.

7) Micah Pellerin, CB, Hampton. Surprising small-school guy. We need multiple CBs to hopefully push Lacy off the roster. Indy interviewed him at the East-West Shrine practices, where he was doing well.

7 -compensatory for Charlie Johnson) Devon Wylie, PR/WR, Fresno State. A real burner, who returned two punts for TDs this year. He's also reportedly being very successful stretching the field at the East-West Shrine practices, making one think that he could be a Garcon understudy (and I expect Garcon to be brought back).

For those of you who wonder where the DL are: I don't consider that to be a big need this year.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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