It really all comes down to Peyton Manning vs Andrew Luck. First, I have to say that I’m not all sold on Andrew Luck and I’m a Robert Griffin III fan, so there’s a discrepancy there. Luck’s numbers dropped off in the last 5 games of the season and he threw at least an interception in each of those 5 games, including 2 interceptions in a loss to Oregon where Stanford was blown out. His numbers really began to drop at Washington State, but playing Oregon was his low point of the season. Though, he did redeem himself in the Fiesta Bowl against Oklahoma State and should’ve won the game, if not due to some bad place kicking.

It is widely believed that Colts will be picking Andrew Luck with the 1st overall pick. And if Andrew Luck really is what people say he’ll be, then, I’d say, go and draft Luck. If Luck can be the next Tom Brady or Drew Brees or Aaron Rodgers or Peyton Manning, then I’d definitely say draft Luck. But if Luck falls short and is a Jay Cutler or Ben Roethlisberger (not saying they’re bad, just not elite), then trade the pick. And there’s always the thought in the back that Luck can be a Ryan Leaf or a JaMarcus Russell. So here are some other options the Colts can take. Note: OTHER OPTIONS.

Adam Schefter of ESPN has reported that this year’s 1st overall pick is worth three 1st round picks and two 2nd round picks. With a new defensive head coach, I think it is best to give him the best weapons available for him to be successful and to have a good defense. A team like Baltimore and Pittsburgh have shown you don’t need an elite QB, you need a good defense and a good running game, which I believe we have in Addai, Brown, and Carter. I need to state some assumptions for the following: 1. Other teams won’t be trading picks around. 2. Colts won’t trade away any of their current picks. 3. The condition pick given for Peyton Hillis is a 3rd round or lower pick. (I believe it was a 6th or 7th round pick)


Cleveland Browns get – 2012 1st round pick (1st overall)

Indianapolis Colts get – (2) 2012 1st round pick (4th overall, 22nd overall), 2013 1st round pick, 2012 2nd round pick (37th overall), 2013 2nd round pick, QB Colt McCoy

I believe Cleveland will give up Colt McCoy if needed to get Andrew Luck for their team so they can have a foundation to build upon.


1st round (4th overall): QB/OT/WR/CB – The Colts have many options here. I believe St. Louis is sticking with Sam Bradford as they should, and Minnesota is sold on Christian Ponder, leaving Robert Griffin III for the Colts. Colts needs a future QB, and RG3 is a perfect QB to sit under Manning for a few seasons and learn from the future HoFer. RG3 was raised in a military family, he’s got great discipline and work ethic. He’s the perfect project player, high risk, high reward. Also good as an insurance policy if Peyton goes down again, though Colt McCoy is a serviceable QB and is a step up above the scrubs we had this season.

If RG3 is taken, USC’s Matt Kalil would be the next option. Ryan Diem is aging and most likely won’t even be back next season. Jeff Linkenbach is not a long term solution for OT. Matt Kalil, if drafted, can play LT, Anthony Castonzo can be moved over to RT, Ben Ijalana moved to interior to play OG, with Joe Reitz playing the other OG position. Jeff Saturday, if he decides to return, will of course play C, if not, Mike Pollak will have to be retained to play C for a season as a try out.

Other options are Oklahoma State’s WR Justin Blackmon, LSU’s CB Morris Claiborne, and Alabama’s CB Dre Kirkpatrick. I only just realized that Pierre Garçon’s contract ends this season and not the next, so it’ll be likely that the Colts will lose Reggie Wayne and maybe Anthony Gonzalez and that Garçon will be retained. Justin Blackmon can then replace Reggie Wayne at WR and Colts would still have Austin Collie and Blair White to play slot receiver. Colts are still lacking at the CB position so there is Morris Claiborne and Dre Kirkpatrick available, with Morris Claiborne being the better of the latter. Penn State’s DT Devon Still would be looked at too but a bit high to take with the 4th overall pick.

1st round (22nd overall): WR/CB – Colts will need to either draft a WR or CB here. South Carolina’s Alshon Jeffery and Baylor’s Kendall Wright will be there as WRs though Jeffery might be taken a little earlier. If Blackmon is not taken by the Colts and Reggie Wayne and Gonzalez is lost, Colts must take a WR, unless they go for DeSean Jackson in free agency. Also at WR is Notre Dame’s Michael Floyd.

At CBs, you’ve got Washington’s Desmond Trufant, South Carolina’s Stephon Gilmore and Nebraska’s Alfonzo Dennard, both are very talented. Colts must upgrade the secondary. Our CBs are utterly crap.

2nd round (34th & 37th overall): WR/DT – Assuming that RG3 and a CB is taken, a WR is still needed. Rutgers’ Mohamed Sanu and LSU’s Rueben Randle would be available at this spot. The DT position has been lacking, even with Drake Nevis playing well, we need another DT who can play NT incase we move to a 3-4. Washington’s Alameda Ta’amu would most likely be available. Standing 6’3”, weighing 341 lbs, the guy is monster, he ate up double teams and can do work with Nevis, Mathis and Freeney all on the same defensive line.

3rd round (65th overall): CB/S – The Colts secondary last year, was one of the worst I’ve seen in about 10 years of football, including that putrid Houston secondary and a major problem was the safety David Caldwell/Joe Lefeged and the inexperience at corner. I really like Georgia’s Bacarri Rambo, he’s a playmaker and has good safety instincts and a physical presence. Plus, he’s got a sick name. Though, I do believe he decided to stay for his senior year, not sure on that. Oklahoma State’s Markelle Martin is a fast natural free safety but can play strong safety as well. I’m not too hyped up about him though.

At CB, Vanderbilt’s Casey Hayward might be available as goes for Virginia Tech’s Jayron Hosley. I like both players, as both are ball hawks and got good tackling skills. Jayron Hosley is an efficient punt returner as well. He averaged more than 12 yards per punt return.

4th round (97th overall): S – Harrison Smith is a good safety, good tackler, decent in coverage, he was burnt a few times this season, but also made many good plays. Should still be available by the 4th round.

5th round (128th overall): QB – Really, by now, draft becomes garbage, draftees lower than the 4th round are usually bench players and wash out to the UFL or CFL. But if RG3 isn’t taken, a prospect is Boise State’s Kellen Moore. Decent numbers, weak arm though. Not bad, not great, can’t be expecting a whole lot. If he sits under Manning for 4 years, maybe he can learn a few things, or he can be Jim Sorgi V.3/Curtis Painter V.2. Decent insurance for Manning.

6th round (161st overall): LB – Injury replacement LB. Adrien Cole, D.J. Holt are decent MLBs, Mychal Kendricks, Ryan Baker are decent OLBs.

7th round (191st overall): WR – We get the best from the worst. I like taking a WR in the last round, since elite QBs can make anyone look good, like a no name undrafted player like Blair White catching 36 balls and getting 5 TDs. Someone like Risard Matthews who can play WR and PR might come in handy, or Dyrell Roberts who can play KR.


1st round – (OT) Matt Kalil [Assumpion: St. Louis drafts Blackmon, Minnesota drafts Robert Griffin III]

1st round – (CB) Desmond Trufant/Stephon Gilmore

2nd round – (DT/NT) Alameda Ta’amu

2nd round – (WR) Mohamed Sanu/Rueben Randle

3rd round – (CB) Jayron Hosley

4th round – (S) Harrison Smith

5th round – (QB) Kellen Moore

6th round – (M/ILB) Adrien Cole

7th round – (WR/KR) Dyrell Roberts

The Colts still have two 2013 1st round picks and two 2nd round picks should they want to trade for players or trade up in the draft. Lots of options. I realize this mock trade and draft has flaws, but all mock drafts have flaws. And it is risky not taking Andrew Luck, but hey, this is only an alternative option. Comments and criticisms are welcome as long as it has some content.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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