Weekly 2nd Round Draft Choice is...


Alfonzo Dennard.

Although, there is virtually no chance he falls to the 34 pick; he deserves a mention after suffering a injury before the Senior Bowl. With Ryan Grigson, our new Head Coach, given only a short time period to not only evaluate our current situation and then to address the Colt's need in the draft is going to be a hard job. Grigson will definitely have his eyes open for players that might fall down in the 2nd round. One of those players may be someone who could fit the BPA and a longtime draft need for the Colts.The Colts will need a lot of luck to draft Alfonzo Dennard, who is considered the 3rd best CB this year. He makes a lot of sense during his college career he has experienced the zone,man-to-man,3-4,and 4-3 defensive schemes.

From CBS sport's scouting page:

Man Coverage: Physical player, tough to get off the line against and willing to mix it up downfield. Fluid hips and good short-area to stay with receivers after initial move. Solid if playing off the line, as well, quick feet allow him to catch up to receivers if failing to get a hand on them initially. Deep speed and recovery speed are average, adding that to below-average height could spell trouble against playmaking NFL receivers downfield. Gets too physical at times, gets flagged for grabbing and holding.

Tackling: Compact, strong build, tenacity and good closing speed make him a solid tackler on the edge. Rarely misses the tackle to stop receivers they catches passes in front of him in zone or when playing off. Wraps low and holds on to prevent yards after the catch. Good speed and angle gets him credited with tackles while ensuring ballcarriers get to the sideline.

Zone Coverage: Could flourish in zone systems due to closing speed and secure tackling ability. Jumps underneath and slants routes quite well, baiting quarterbacks to throw in his direction. Regularly stands straight up in his backpedal, which causes trouble transitioning when receivers stop their routes short.

Intangibles: Feisty player who asks to take on bigger number one receivers and likes to talk on the field. Earned more playing time as a junior due to better preparation. Missed most of two games in 2010 with a concussion. Played through a shoulder injury in 2009.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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