Mock Draft 3.0

Alright, we know we have the first overall pick and it's been another week, so I guess I'll try my hand at another mock draft. Lemme know what you think of this in the comments and the poll I have set up at the bottom. Thanks all.

1st Round - Andrew Luck, QB - I don't want to have to explain this one

2nd Round - Chase Minnifield, CB - With Minnifield's recent surgery, I feel confident that we can get him in the second round now. His draft stock may drop slightly due to injury concerns and even more so if he is unable to participate at full-strength in the NFL Combine. While, right now it is a bit of a fantasy, I would love it if we could pick up Minnifield in the third round. But until we see how the recovery from his surgery and his physical therapy pan out, I'll leave him in the 2nd round for now.

3rd Round - Brandon Washington, OG - Brandon Washington is a big, powerful, and athletic lineman currently playing left tackle for Miami. At 6'4" and 320lbs, Washington would fit in with the movement towards a younger, beefier line. Washington is versatile, capable of playing guard or tackle, which is valuable for to our oft-injured offensive line, reliable in pass protection, and powerful in run blocking. He's a prospect I really like, and although Polian may no longer be with the Colts, he was definitely right in saying that the best value for guard prospects is usually in the middle rounds. Rated as high as the second-best guard in the draft, I like Washington at the top of the third round a lot more than I would like taking DeCastro or Osemele wherever they go.

4th Round - Harrison Smith, SS - The secondary is still in issue for this team, at a large part of that is the lack of a dependable starter at SS. Smith is a ballhawking safety with great instincts in pass and run defense and a decent enough burst to get to the ball-carrier or the receiver. He is at his best playing downhill against the run where he is able to quickly recognize plays and wrap up the runningback with his good tackling. While he does play a little tight in pass coverage and doesn't have the best straight-line speed, he would still make a fine addition to our secondary where I hope he could someday start at strong safety. Mark Barron, a SS who is projected to be drafted in the late 1st to early 2nd round has dealt with very similar criticisms, and much like I would want Washington in the 3rd round, I would rather Smith in the 4th round than Barron in the 2nd.

5th Round - Jarius Wright, WR - Wide receivers have not yet been addressed in this draft, and with Gonzalez and Wayne likely leaving after this year, it is important we start adding to our roster at the position. Jarius Wright is a smallish (5'10", 180lbs) receiver with good route running from the slot and out wide who has the speed and acceleration to eat up any cushion and separate from the cornerback. He has good hands and is tough enough to take a hit and come down with the catch, but given his small stature, Wright struggles with physical defensive backs and press coverage. However, if there is anything Colts fans should know after watching Marvin Harrison, it's that smaller wide receivers with good route running skills can still be very effective and productive in the NFL.

6th Round - Asa Jackson, CB - I still like this pick. A relative unknown since he plays for a small school, Jackson has the physical tools to become a starting cornerback in the NFL someday with good length, athleticism, and ball skills. Jackson needs some coaching up because he hasn't had a chance to work with a pro-caliber coach during his career at Cal Poly, but he could definitely make strides in improving his technique with whoever the Colts coaching staff happens to be after the draft. Along with Minnifield and Smith, Jackson would help lay the foundation for a young and talented secondary for the future.

7th Round - Travis Benjamin, WR - Wide receiver still remains a concern for the Colts, and while I'm not saying Benjamin is poised to take over immediately, Benjamin could definitely add an explosive element to our offense that has been missing. You can't teach speed, and as an outstanding sprinter, Benjamin has excellent speed and acceleration and is a legitimate deep threat. With such great speed, Benjamin can also make a big gain out of a short completion. He has good hands, plucking the ball out of the air, as long as he maintains his concentration, much like Garcon. However, Benjamin is a very unrefined player who needs to continue to work on his route running and adding some bulk to play in the NFL. However, I think a 7th round pick is quite a reasonable price to pay for a hardworking receiver with skills that can't be taught who needs some time and coaching to bring his game up to the NFL level. Additionally, Benjamin is an excellent return man, and if Garcon takes over as the number one receiver for us, it would be good to add a new punt returner.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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