2012 NFL Winning Stats Predictor: Game Picks Week 6

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After another 11 win week for the Predictor, can it keep the momentum going? Also find out my Super Contest picks, which you're better off picking against so far this season.

Time once again for your Winning Stats Predictor Picks, this time for Week 6. Things are starting to heat up picking winners, as it went 11-3 last week, improving the season total to 47-30. Unfortunately it still can't seem to win any money in Vegas (or for me), going just 6-8 Against the Spread, bringing our season record to 32-42-3, and ending our two week mini-run of winning weeks. Let's get back on track this week:

Game Picks for Week 6:

Home Score Away Score Probability
Titans 24 Steelers 29 62.7%
Falcons 30 Raiders 19 77.0%
Browns 21 Bengals 24 57.7%
Dolphins 18 Rams 19 51.2%
Jets 20 Colts 23 59.2%
Eagles 21 Lions 22 52.2%
Ravens 26 Cowboys 25 53.6%
Buccaneers 18 Chiefs 19 51.2%
Seahawks 23 Patriots 24 51.6%
Cardinals 27 Bills 19 71.1%
49ers 30 Giants 22 68.7%
Redskins 21 Vikings 25 61.4%
Texans 25 Packers 24 51.4%
Chargers 23 Broncos 25 55.6%

Top 5 Against the Spread Picks (2-3 last week, 9-14-2 season):

  • Colts +3.5 at Jets - As "Luck" would have it, the Colts are my best pick for this week, getting points (and I've seen +3 (+105)), in a game I think they could win handily. I had the Colts last week as well, and that worked out quite nicely.
  • Lions +4.5 at Eagles - The predictor has gotten the Eagles right in every game this week, so we're going with that pick against this week, with a desperate team coming off a bye. Turnovers will be key.
  • Seahawks +3.5 vs. Patriots - From now on, anytime I see the Seahawks getting points at home, no matter the opponent, I'm taking them. They're better than people give them credit for.
  • Titans +5.5 vs. Steelers - Home Dogs from the Predictor are 8-3 Against the Spread this season, so we'll go with a home team getting points on a short week. No Troy Polamalu too.
  • Cardinals -4.5 vs. Bills - This is just because the Bills are bad, and the Cardinals have won 11 straight at home. Predictor is also 4-1 predicting the Cardinals games, so I like that too this week.
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