Devil's Take: Colts Defensive Playcalling Limited, Run Defense Terrible

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Colts lackluster effort on defense and lack of running game dooms them to a blowout by the Jets.

Welcome to the Devil's Take!

Well, that game freaking sucked. The I can't stop a 5 year old running the ball reared it's ugly head once more, and the Jets run game would go on to power them to a 35-9 win over the Colts. If not to add insult to injury, the Colts running attack couldn't even take advantage of a team who was giving up 150+ yards per game on the ground.

Without any real pressure all day, Mark Sanchez was able to get relatively comfortable in the pocket most of the day. The Jets finally found success running the ball against a team whose one weakness is defending the run. This opened the field up for easy passes from the Jets QBs. The longest passing play came from Tim Tebow of all people, and the Jets would only rack up 105 yards passing.

  1. Andrew Luck - What more can I say about the kid? He's truly carrying this team right now. Despite pressure all day against a very good coverage defense, he throws for over 250 yards. The defense knew he was throwing every down, and still couldn't quite get him stopped.
  2. Run defense - I know the losses to injury aren't helping, but the Colts need to get this figured out. They've given up over 500 yards rushing in just 2 games this season, and one of those games was to a very, very bad Jaguars squad. Shore this crap up or you can pretty much see how the rest of the year is going to go.
  3. Defensive Playcalling - For once, the offense played fairly well, but this Manusky needs to look at what he's calling. I routinely saw nothing changing on defense all game. Limited blitzes, nothing different really in the scheme all game. You practically dared them to run on you, and you got smacked with a Mack truck instead. Better pick it up or your gone by seasons end for sure, if not before then....

It sucks when you see your team under perform, regardless of who you root for. We Colts fans have a team that truthfully is a wild card team this year, despite the "rebuilding" tag most of us know is attached to the Colts. We have a sure fire Rookie of the Year winner, because if he keeps this up, he'll be breaking Cam's record by season's end. So why can I maintain any positivity right now? Because I watch guys like Reggie Wayne and Donnie Avery laying out for our rookie QB. I watch as teams know where he is going to go, and he is pretty much making those throws every time. Yes, he's still making mistakes, but the kid is truthfully ready to go 100% in this offense.

  • If there has to be any criticism on Luck, there are two big plays in particular where I feel he should have just run the ball. Both were short yardage plays where he tried to extend the play instead of just taking off. He made these decisions in the past, I'm not sure if the coaching staff told him not to this week. Making those plays changes the game, and he needs to remember that. It's nitpicking I know, but it has to be said to be fair.
  • This game came down to poor run defense and dropped passes. The dropped passes weren't all Luck's fault, but some of them were not thrown as well as could be. I'm going to chalk this up to a big let down after a big emotional win. Keep an eye on it moving forward though, as if it continues, expect to see a lot of attention made of it.
All I will say

IF after the Colts running game sucks this week, it’ll shut up all the naysayers about Brown…

If I’m wrong, I’ll happily admit it to after the fact….

by DevilsReject on Oct 10, 2012 1:13 PM EDT

I said this earlier this week when it was reported that Donald Brown was out for 2-3 weeks with a minor knee injury. How sweet it is to be right. The over the top and completely ignorant bashing of Donald Brown can finally start coming to an end, because the rushing attack the Colts fielded today was absolutely abysmal. ZERO first downs running the ball. 2.4 yards per carry average on 17 rushes. The 3 longest runs of the day by 3 players accounts for almost HALF the yards gained on the day. You want to talk about pathetic, this makes pathetic look good.

Donald Brown was your day one starter, and ran for 48 yards on 9 carries and a TD against the best defense the Colts have faced all year. In the game against the Packers, he's put up more yards on the ground than the entire RB roster has all season. Do I need to say more? No, but I will.

Donald Brown has what every other guy on the roster doesn't have, which is speed. He can make the change to that second gear. Is he a great back? No. Does he have the best vision? No. Is he an elite back in the NFL? No. Still, he makes this horrible offensive line look a lot better when he runs the ball then when anyone else runs it. He has more 100 yard rushing efforts as a Colt than anyone else in the past 3 years. He has the best yards per carry with a minimum of 50 carries on the year. This was a defense that the Colts should have been able to run on.

Now, I'm sure I'll hear this in a post," The Colts were behind, they had to throw so the running game suffered." Yeah, they did get behind. They also couldn't run for squat. Which is what put them behind in the first place. When they needed to get that 2nd and 2 or that 3rd and 3, they were throwing it instead of running it. The reason why the Colts RBs suffered today is the offensive line, and it only goes to show how much DB has been doing with his speed that makes him look that much better.

As always, thanks for reading and look forward to your replies/comments.

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