Long Weekly Game Review (Jets)

Went to this game. Wasn't very fun getting utterly shit on.

Coaching - apart from the horrible call for the field goal, I love what BA did. 1st down always had a different look. Good mix of run/pass. Got the TE's involved. This gang raping is on the players for lack of execution. We ran some nice screens too. The defensive play calling was bland with limited pressure.

Skill Players

Luck - showed his mortality today. There were several poorly thrown balls. The first interception is on him and the oline. Costanzo gets beaten badly to the inside with a swim move and forces Luck left and throws it too far ahead on Wayne on the move. Tip -> pick. Second drive he misses a critical and easy completion to Allen in the flat because he floats the by about 4 feet. Displayed way less escapability than he has all this year. He overthrew Wayne deep late in the game also. This is also the Oline's fault because they mix up the assignment and don't pick up the overload blitz from the left. Second interception was just terrible but it was under duress and in a situation where we needed to throw and they knew it. It is clear that he and Wayne are the best things on this team. If they do not play well we cannot win. No question. Also, he got beat up this game. A few sacks and multiple hard hits (several being late thanks to the dirty ass Jets)

Ballard/Carter - meh. For all you Donald Brown haters guess what, he is by far the best RB on the team. He has speed the other guys just don't and has been able to get to edges consistently. Ballard is way better at just plowing forward which I think there is a good place for on this team but he is not a number one back. Carter is the same. Ballard did show that he has some hands and made some nice catches which is a nice glimmer of hope.

Allen - he's a monster. He needs the ball more. I love that BA got the TE's more involved this week. They paid dividends. Apart from Wayne, he is no doubt the most reliable set of hands on offense. He's also blocking well.

Fleener - first time we have seen his potential. He caught a lot of nice balls with minimal drops. He was very hard to tackle. He also had a nice pass interference called on the defense when he went vertical because he's a huge problem in coverage.

Avery - he's not a number two. He's barely a number 3 to be honest. The loss of Collie is very significant. Avery doesn't consistently make catches or get open. He's is a SMALL guy and can't use his body to shield defenders. WR is going to be a priority this off season with Wayne aging and no clear rising stars.

Hilton - not a number three and he drops way too many balls. I would love for Brazil to get more reps and for Adams to get back on the active roster. For his size, he should be getting wide open a lot and he is not. The only asset he's bringing to the table right now is speed which without context is useless. Every WR on the roster should be on alert this offseason.

Costanzo - he may officially be a better run blocker than pass blocker. Every single week I find myself talking about how he got beat and that caused a very negative play. He has yet to totally shut down his side of the field. He just needs to be better for us to make progress.

Linkenbach - he's better than Seth Olsen but he is still pretty bad. On couple of zone running plays to the left he gets pushed 4 yards backwards totally destroying the angles and killing the run. He is okay in pass coverage but I'd actually sacrifice a goat to have Reitz back in the lineup.

Satele - give me Shipley back. Seriously. I loved this guy in preseason but he's be very suspect. He has terrible balance which is a direct result of poor footwork. On the first drive of the second quarter, the 3rd down intentional grounding play is cause by him. He actually falls over backwards and the pressure comes right up the middle. I've seen him lose balance at least once a game this year. AQ did a better job last week.

Justice - had a good game and for the most part he has had a good season. Didn't give up terrible one on one pressures at all....and then he got hurt.

D after the jump


Overall, they played terribly and it all came down to the inability to stop the run and the inability to stop short passes

Johnson - have I mentioned he's terrible? This is why we can't stop the run. There is no presence by the NT's. He gets blown off the point of attack about 90% of plays. In the rare moment that he holds, the Jets are actually surprised. He is now officially the biggest cancer on this team. If we cannot get decent not even good NT play we are never going to stop the run or expect to win. Chapman is probably not going to make it back this season and Tevaseau is going to be out at least a few weeks. Ugh. If we have a top 10 pick (read likely) we need to pick up the NT out of Utah. No question.

Dixon - even worse than Johnson. He actually gets slapped to the ground multiple times which is just embarrassing. He also can't hold the point of attack or generate any pressure. It's a sin the way these two are playing.

Redding - he is the heart of the DL. He's played well in the limited time that he was in. I think he actually needs to take a week or two off to get his knee healthy because this pattern is not helping anybody.

Nevis/Mathews - no splash plays at all. Both still got good push on their linemen.

Hughes - he played very well. Had a sack, multiple QB pressures at least 2 TFL's. He really did do his best Mathis impression. I think if he keeps playing this well he'll be back with us next year for sure.

Freeney - who? I didn't see Freeney out there today. When this guy gets healthy, he may look like Dwight.

Bethea/Zibby - they have not played well this year. Period. Bethea doesn't look like himself. He is missing tackles routinely now. He had the chance to end Greene's second TD run the backfield and just missed badly. Zibby has the opposite problem. He's just not in the right place but can tackle. He is not finding himself in the hole or on the right side of the field. It's hard to tell how much we should be asking of these guys considering how bad the DL has been playing. We may very well need to look into the safety free agent market if these guys can't produce. Harsh but true.

Conner - I've been saying it for weeks, he is a strength and a liability. When he senses the run and the hole, he fires instantly. On the big Joe McKnight run, he fires through the wrong hole and the play is way behind him already.

Freeman - basically didn't see him all game. That's probably because he was being blocked by Olinemen the dline let blow by them.

Powers/Vaughn/Butler- never really got tested because the entire Jet's offense was predicated on running and on short slants. Butler missed an EASY tackle on Mcknight in the backfield on the 65 yard run. He's the nickle corner , blitzes and is totally unblocked on the way to missing the tackle. Like horribly missing. But what can you expect of a guy that shouldn't really been playing.

We played directly into the Jets plan. We got behind and showed weakness against the run. They made us one dimensional and beat us down. We needed so badly to get off to a good start and we sputtered. If you watch the first 4 drives you'd think we won this game by a lot and then we just couldn’t put it together. The offense couldn't get the running game going and was forced to play a game we are not capable of playing yet. The defense was toothless. This is the kind of defense we are NOT supposed to have but unfortunately we are playing with square pegs in round holes. The playoffs are far far away folks and that should be clear now. Last week just showed us that we are capable of being good but this week proves we are not actually good.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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