Some more thoughts after watching All 22 (Offense)

1.) I retract my original thoughts on Constanzo. He and Justice played a great game. Costanzo is a crushing run blocker. He often completely seals an end or linebacker inside with great footwork and power. He also does a great job redirecting rushers to the outside. I will say that he is still weak to the inside shoulder swim move. Justice pretty much has kept his side of the field quite for 2 games now. Recognize that he has been a GREAT pick up for this team considering the alternatives.

2.) Mike Mcglynn can't run block. He takes bad angles, lacks strength and generally just doesn't block with the aggression and mean streak you need to get people off the spot. He also trips over himself pulling to the opposite side. On dives and counters, he can't push his man off the spot or keep him blocked. Many of the short <3 yard tackles are clearly his fault because there are otherwise big holes. He is the reason we can't run to the right. He's kind of a lump.

3.) D. Allen - this kid is really good. He move so smoothly in traffic, keeps his plan in mind and has expert body control in space. You see hints of Antonio Gates in him in the way he can work a route. He is ahead of Fleener in every teachable skill. Fleener has a "Luck" of being a freakish athlete with his size and speed.

4.) Fleener - doing a much better job of getting off the line. His use of his arms and hands on the release was impressive. He needs to be a deep vertical threat. He doesn't have the agility to run short stuttering or sharp cutting routes (See Allen). Give him deep outs, in's and combacks so he can use that big body and speed to help him.

5.) I'll say it again, Luck was bad this game. Not poor but actually bad. He missed several easy throws and looking at the All 22 he passed up check downs and missed Avery beating the coverage at least twice. Whether or not Avery would have caught a well thrown ball is a totally different question. He pressed the ball into coverage several times when he could have run or thrown it away. If we had managed to put up 1 TD in the first half of the game we would have altered the Jets game plan from the utter Jon "Bones" Jones esq ground and pound we got. Getting ahead was critical to our game plan because this was the alternative. He played anxious this game and I think being on the road as a rookie just got to him. I suspect he's going to take the Browns to town on the rebound at home this week. He's gonna want that money he left on the table.

6.) Linkenbach - I can't wait for Reitz to come back. Link lacks strength at the point of attack and makes questionable decisions. I've already written about his zone run play issues but he also gave Wilkerson a sack by coming off of him to half nudge the late blitzer up the middle. Scary as it sounds, that's they guy you gotta let the QB or the center worry about not the guy you're holding onto for dear life 2 feet from the QB.

7.) Satele - much better run blocker than pass blocker no doubt. He's a mean one if he gets his hands on you and can keep his balance. McGlynn needs to take on this guys persona but not his balance.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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