Pick 6 - Week 6 Stampede Blue Leaderboard and Week 7 Picks

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If you're not a part of Stampede Blue's Pick 6 challenge, what are you waiting for? Compete against Stampede Blue's writers and readers each week for fantasy football glory.

You should play Pick 6 with us... really. It's the easiest fantasy football game on the planet - and the best part is, if you get a really sucky team or your top guy goes down with an injury - IT'S OK! The lineups reset every week, you just pick the six players you think will do the best.

You pick players for six positions (that's why it's called, Pick 6... get it?) - QB, RB, WR, TE, K and WC. WC is a wildcard spot that you can pick a RB, WR or TE to fill. You can pick anyone you want and you go up against everyone else's six each week.

Now there are SOME rules. You can't have a team of Aaron Rodgers, Arian Foster, Calvin Johnson, Rob Gronkowski, David Akers and Ray Rice... Just like the NFL there is a salary cap, $120. You want Drew Brees this week against the Buccs? OK, but it'll cost you some bucks... $55.50. You think MJD is gonna have his way against the Raiders? $51.25. You have to use your money wisely and find value in matchups.

That's what fantasy football is all about - showing you know more about favorable matchups than anyone else.

Last week the top performer was Ur Worse Nite-Mare!!! (it's obviously not a test of grammar skills, just football skills). His winning lineup included:

QB Andy Dalton - 22.7 points ($24.25)

RB Ray Rice - 22.6 points ($65.75)

WR James Jones - 15.3 points ($0.50)

TE Heath Miller - 6.7 points ($0.50)

K Shaun Suisham - 13.0 points ($0.50)

WC Alfred Morris - 11.6 points ($27.25)

Here are my picks for the week...

QB Jay Cutler ($16.50) - Playing against a Detroit team that hasn't been able to stop anybody.

RB Felix Jones ($4.00) - Word on the street is that DeMarco Murray is going to miss some time, value pick here.

WR Brandon Marshall ($35.25) - Why? See above.

TE Coby Fleener ($10.50) - I think this is the week the rookie finds the endzone. Steady improvement.

K Shaun Suisham ($5.50) - The Bengals/Steelers game is always close and low scoring... hoping for lots of field goals.

WC Matt Forte ($37.50) - See above... I obviously really like the Bears this week.

What? You think you can do better? Prove it... Click here to get your team going.

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