How I see it so far.

Maybe we aren't so bad after all. How I see it, heck, we're ahead of schedule. Being from Tennessee I haven't gotten to watch every game in exactly the most favorable conditions (shitty internet connection in my apartment) but regardless this is a take on what I have seen.

Luck- What can I say that hasn't already been said, this kid is great. I grew up watching Peyton at UT and had high expectations for Luck replacing my favorite athlete of all time. What have a seen so far? Almost a copy of Peyton, a kid who doesn't make the same mistake twice and has the uncanny ability to lead, watch out guys, when he gets to the position of controlling the offense this will get scary once again.

RBs- Ballard and Carter WILL be our backs in the next couple of years, Brown is going to have a hard time competing with these two because as we have seen in previous Arians offense he never has one true back, but every back has a specific role how I see it Ballard will eventually start, Carter will be the bulldozer, and Moore will be the third and long back.

WR/TE- Give them time is all I really have to say about this, outside of Wayne there is a high need of development that needs to take place, I think when Fleener finally understands the pace of the pro level we will see his freakish athletic abilities. Allen is a beast, simply put. Brazill and HIlton can be potential diamonds in the next couple of years with the help of Wayne (I love that this guy is still here)

O-line- We all feel the same about this, I for one am tired of the roller coaster pace these guys have set, good one week, letting Luck run for his life the next. Is there any other good guards out there in free agency? What about Essex? Can we bring him back in?

D-line- It pains me to think about what we are dealing with in terms of injury (Mookie needs to go). I was worried when McKinney went down because that meant we were stuck in limbo until Chapman came back (which needs to happen soon). I have seen that guy manhandle several SEC lines and destroy run plays. The line I want to see out there is Nevis (he plays physical and fast), Redding, and Chapman. (As a side note, I do believe that Freeman leading in tackles is because these guys are eating blocks but I would much rather them start beating blocks too)

OLB- Will the real Freeney please stand up? We have to get him playing like his old self, injuries haven't helped with that too much but still. Mathis needs to return soon, he is missed out there, he is a pace setter for the D, when he is feeling good and making plays they are crazy good. Jerry Hughes hasn't been as bad as we thought, surprisingly. Past these guys I haven't really seen very many guys making plays but in our new scheme they have to and I am ready for them to step up their play.

ILB- Nothing I can knock here, these guys are pretty damn good, Freeman is a monster. I say we use Conner as an OLB in 3rd down situations and keep teams guessing. This is probably the brightest spot of our defense and I believe it will only get better, they are all young, hard-nosed players that will disrupt a lot of plays when our d-line situation is resolved.

Corners- Remember when we had really damn good corners? Neither do I, really, but I will say I see potential in what we are throwing out there (the key phrase is throwing out there). If they can all get their fundamentals down and start playing as one cohesive unit then we may be able to gel and have a pretty decent secondary. Powers and Davis definitely have to step up for this to happen, however.

Safeties- It was nice to see Zbikowski come out to play against the Browns, but I'm still waiting on Bethea to follow. Both these guys are great athletes but they just are simply not in the right place yet. I believe this will change down the road as they grow and understand their roles on the field.

Special teams- Pat McAfee is a badass, plain a simple, and 'Ole Boomstick can party with the best of them. Vinatieri needs to get back to his former self so that Luck can rely on him as Manning did. Confidence in a kicker will allow Luck to not be afraid to take a shot deep every now and then in the redzone.

In conclusion, I don't really think we are in a bad spot (except for injuries). There is a lot of potential on this team and with Grigson making as many moves as he does he will be sure to get a lot of good pieces in the hands of the coaches and that will surely help in the long run. I see this team breaking the .500 mark at the end of the season. They can definitely do this and possibly more, as long as they give up on this conservative bullshit.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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