New Fanpost! Should we be more aggressive on offense?

After the Minnesota and Jacksonville games, there has been a lot of discussion about being more "aggressive" (read: less running, more passing) on offense. One might argue, however, that if we really wanted an aggressive offensive style, we should have drafted RG3. More after the jump...

The best argument I've seen about being more aggressive comes from the good folks at Advanced NFL Stats - see their article about "timid coaches" at

Generally speaking, their analysis suggests that if you are an underdog, you improve your chances of beating a superior opponent by taking a high risk, high reward strategy. You have a higher chancing of getting blown out in a bad loss, but you also have a higher overall probability of winning the game.

Now, I don't necessarily agree with all of their statistical arguments, but I can think of a non-statistical reason we shouldn't pursue that kind of strategy to "build the monster." It has to do with team culture, and the reason I favored the Colts drafting Luck over RG3. I want consistent success and a team that can win championships - not a gambling team with exciting but potentially unpredictable play-makers. The latter may fill seats and make splashy headlines when the team upsets a highly regarded opponent, but I believe the former is more likely to get the team to the ultimate prize of winning the Superbowl.

The team may lose more games this year as the underdogs almost every week, but this year should be as much about building a team culture as it is winning the next game.

Losing stinks, no question. But let's keep our eyes on the prize and keep hope (and Luck) alive!

Some meaningless stats that don't mean anything:


Completion %: 53.3 (31st)
Yds / Att: 6.93 (22nd)
Yds / Game: 282 (11th)
% Deep (>15 yds): 23 (8th)
Passer Rating: 75.4 (24th)
Total QBR: 81.9 (1st)
Colts pass / run %: 62.2


Completion %: 69.4 (3rd)
Yds / Att: 8.63 (3rd)
Yds / Game: 268 (14th)
% Deep (>15 yds): 12.9 (30th)
Passer Rating: 103.2 (4th)
Total QBR: 69.7 (10th)
Redskins pass / run %: 47.7

P Manning:

Completion %: 64.7 (13th)
Yds / Att: 7.6 (11th)
Yds / Game: 291 (7th)
% Deep (> 15 yds): 19 (20th)
Passer Rating: 96.9 (10th)
Total QBR: 76.7 (5th)
Broncos pass / run %: 57.7

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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