Human Spirit conquers all in Colts win against the Packers

Hi there Stampede Blue and all you die hard Colts fans. I am actually a fanatic of both the Raiders and the Packers but I have respected the Colts ever since Jim Harbaugh's playoff Hail Mary pass. I respect them even more today for the way that they played against the Green Bay Packers, and that is coming after they beat one of my two favorite teams.

The game that I witnessed this past Sunday was a marvel of the human spirit. I am not shocked that it happened, but I am happy for your team, fans, and most importantly Chuck Pagano. The news that he was diagnosed with Leukemia was a very sad day for anybody who has had a family member pass from the terrible disease.

Chuck earned his right to be at the head of an NFL team and this is quite the shock for the man and his family so soon after finally getting his chance. I will always remember the defensive backs that he coached for my Oakland Raiders as some of the best in the league, and that was at a time where the Raiders themselves were at the absolute bottom of the league.

To still get his players to play the way they did for him was a testament to the man himself and I hope to see him beat this disease and return to your sidelines. He deserves the opportunity that has now been delayed from this terrible news. I appreciate the way your interim coach Bruce Arians has handled this situation with class, dignity, and the obvious caring for a dear friend.

I can not imagine a better way to honor Chuck then to have gotten that win versus a quality team in the Green Bay Packers. The human spirit your team showed to come back from the 21-6 halftime deficit was absolutely extraordinary. It gives hope and inspiration to a world that needs every bit of hope it can get. It shows just how powerful emotions can be when applied in the correct way and was really a wonderful thing to witness.

The Colts are a good team with a great future, but I really believe even if they were the Colts of last year that they would have found a way to win for Coach Pagano. He deserves the love that they showed and I guarantee he appreciates it to the fullest. Every person who ever met, coached with, or played for Chuck was saddened to hear the news of his diagnosis. Each and every one of those people were uplifted by the win your team got for him.

Nobody was uplifted by the win more than Chuck himself though. He knew the Colts could do it and he believed the Colts would do it. He is an absolute fighter and a winner. He will defeat this disease just as his team defeated the Packers in his honor. Coach Pagano is a great person and leader, I sincerely hope him a safe and speedy recovery.

*Authors Note: I also wrote an article on Silver and Black Pride about Chuck Pagano's diagnosis that I believe your fans might appreciate. Check it out if you have a chance to.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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