I cannot stand reading the game open thread comments.

I know for a fact I'm in the minority with what I'm about to say, because there are so many of you who I'm about to blast away at.

I have never been around (in person or online) a more whiny, spoiled bunch of dramatic so called fans in my life.

I'm not going to name names but these are some of the type posts that drive me crazy, and the rebuttals that follow are why they drive me crazy:

Adam V misses a 49 yard FG.

Open Thread comment: "CUT HIM!" "He's been inconsistent, he turns 40 soon"

Why this is whiny and dramatic: We have the best clutch kicker in the history of the NFL. Period. Is he 100%? No. Is he in a slump? It seems that way. Are his missed 45+ yarders hurting the team? Yes. But so is the fact that Andrew Luck hasn't figured out how to play on a shortened field in the NFL. And to the age issue. The only time age ever effects a kicker is when he's got to kick deep balls and they're landing short or he's struggling to keep them straight because of the extra effort needed to kick distance. Adam V has plenty of leg left. Every miss from over 50 this season has had the leg to miss no worse from 60. Saying age has something to do with it is asinine.

Open Thread comment:

"We fall apart in red zone."

Why this is whiny and dramatic: Reggie Wayne back of the endzone TD. Yep, we really fell apart there.

Powers gets beat

Open Thread comment:

"hate hate hate, powers sucks, hate hate hate"

Why this is whiny and dramatic: Yes, Powers has gotten beat deep. No he does not have elite speed. He is probably at best a good Nickle CB for our defense. When asked to play bump and run, he gets beat. He is at his best when he's playing 3-5 yards off the ball with safety help over the top and no bump called. The problem is our blitzes require time to set up, which is why the bump and run coverage is so important to our scheme. And he likely won't get much help over the top because our safetys are busy covering. Powers has never been asked to do this before and he doesn't seem to be picking it up. So powers plays 7-9 yards off the ball instead to prevent being beat deep and they kill with the slant. It would be interesting to see the correlation between d-line stunts and bump and run coverage in our D, but I don't have the time to break that down. Basically Powers is playing out of scheme and we're all learning this but to say he sucks is wrong. When put in a position that is advantageous for his skill set (think the early slant defense) powers is a good cover man. When asked to bump and run or close quickly he leaves a lot to be desired. I'm just sick of the whining.

Open Thread comment:

"Are there any online feeds"

Why this is whiny and dramatic: It's not whiny or dramatic, but at this point it's annoying and stupid. If you don't know by now that firstrowsports is all you have to google, do that now. Now click the top response. Let the page load. Now play with your browsers options, find "add bookmark". now experiment. Now if you are too dense to remember that site that ALWAYS has the live feed your compooter will do it fur ya.

Anger gets beat badly in coverage by a FB

Open Thread comment:


Why this is whiny and dramatic: See above. The guy isn't playing great but we're about to Tim Jennings him over here.

Open Thread comment:

"Back to the days of outscoring our opponents again."

Why this is whiny and dramatic: Because it was meant in a bad way. Thank God we're back to scoring more points that our opponents.

Open Thread comment:

"The playcalling gets dumb in the redzone"

Why this is whiny and dramatic: The redzone is an incredibly tough place to maneuver in the NFL. We can't have T.Y or Donnie take the top off and get wideouts in space. It requires timing and anticipation, and even with as good as luck has been he's not quite to the point where timing and anticipation are his strongest assets. He looked improved today but to blame it all on playcalling is asinine. The plays have to be different like I said we rely a lot on vertical routes to find holes in coverage. Can't do that inside the 20... heck it's hard inside the 40, but we're improving.

Open Thread comment:

"Stop Blitzing"

Why this is whiny and dramatic: One year ago: "START BLITZING!"

Open Thread comment:

"This defense is awful" "Simple run play goes for 20 yards...of course" "Hate hate We can't stop the run, hate hate"

Why this is whiny and dramatic: WE WERE RANKED TOP 10 AGAINST THE PASS AND 27TH AGAINST THE RUN COMING INTO A GAME WHERE WE ALLOWED 85 YARDS ON THE GROUND. Folks this defense is middle of the pack. Will it get better? Yep. is this just the start of a tough defense in Indy? It sure looks like it. Last year we we had the 25th ranked D in the league. It is an improvement and given we have no real NT, and a deficiency at CB we're doing alright. Not great but c'mon how much can we as fans ask of this unit considering where it's come from and all it's been through!?

Open Thread comment:

"Hate hate hate bad coaching hate hate hate."

Why this is whiny and dramatic: 5-3. 5-3. 5-3 with a roster that features more guys who were in different cities or leagues last year than guys who were here. 5-3 with a rookie QB. 5-3 with two completely new play books. Ladies and gentlemen you may not agree with the coaching style but this is what good coaching looks like. Do any of you remember not seeing a single halftime adjustment!? How can any of you seriously complain about coaching!? You don't do the things we've been able to do with poor coaching. You may not like the calls but for the love of everything good please shut up about poor coaching. Ask the Jets what poor coaching actually looks like.

Open Thread comment:

"omfg the collapse"

Why this is whiny and dramatic: We won.

We're 5-3 and nobody here has any appreciation for what has gotten us here. Everyone's excited about Luck, and we should be, but he's not the only story here. I feel like I'm reading the diary of an ugly 13 year old girl every time I open a gamethread. I wish most of the posters here had a memory longer than 10 minutes and less cynicism and a tenth the sense of humor of Lewis C.K. That would make reading that crap bearable.

Go ahead and tell me how wrong I am. I'm sure you'll be able to find plenty of friends to back you up, after all this is likely the worst fanpost of all time, I probably can't read at a 3rd grade level and I obviously haven't ever seen a single down of American football before. (For those of you who can't remember that firstrowsports literally always has an illegal internet feed, the past few words that I dun put 2gether, they was sarcasm (means I didn't mean it, I was tryin' to b funny))

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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