Ferris Bueller and Free Agents

One of the things I wish this site had was some sort of running thread where interesting quotes or info could be posted and not have them disappear as new stories are put on the front page. Maybe this will serve as that kind of ongoing thread. To start, I have 2 interesting stories to share that might not normally show up in the various topics discussed here.

1) Reggie Wayne had his Bentley taken out of a hotel parking garage by his cousin (by marriage) who was apparently dressed in a valet uniform. This is straight out of Ferris Bueller's Day Off. The cops pulled this guy over, and found that he was drunk. Reggie had his Bentley returned to him. I guess we should all be concerned about parking our honda civics in the parking lot at the Westin.

Story can be found here:,0,645355.column

2) For those of you who read Bleacher Report, you will know that Matt Miller is a respected writer who does a good job grading players for the draft. On his twitter acct last night, he posted this: "Already hearing from upcoming free agents who say they'd like to go play with Luck and the . Players are taking notice."

This is a big deal. First, the Colts traditionally never sought out FAs because Polian didnt really believe in it or something. The new regime, forced to find new talent and upgrade positions will not shun free agents like the last regime. For a team that will be about 50 mil under the cap this year and if what Matt is saying is correct, then we are looking at a very exciting offseason. Why would a free agent want to play for the Colts? The reasons are numerous. The Colts have a head coach that players are willing to run through brick walls for, they have a rookie QB who is on track to break damn near every rookie record and they have Grigson who has turned over every rock to find talent. Is there something else? Yes, the team is having fun. Winning is fun! Here is a video of Mathis dancing in the locker room after the Titans game. You guys think the Cardinals are dancing? The Browns? Eagles? Hell no. Even Irsay and Arians were caught dancing. I doubt this ever happened in a Polian run team.



Edited to add: Here is Rotoworld's list of Free Agents this coming offseason...


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