Fantasy After Party!!!

Hello everyone. I just realized that we weren't getting the fantasy recap articles each week that we got last year. Bummer. They were pretty sweet, here is an example if you don't remember. Now considering this was our championship week, we as a community, should do something. I'm hoping this can be a review/celebration/mourning thread for anyone and everyone who played fantasy this year!

League #11 was a tightly contested league throughout the regular season. The playoff seedings weren't set until the final week of the regular season. The top 6 to make the playoffs were:

  1. Kamikaze Night Raid (11-2)
  2. Gallifrey Timelords (9-4)
  3. UglyGreenHelmet (7-6)
  4. 3 and Out (8-5)
  5. muncie_playin_this (7-6)
  6. Yolo (7-6)

The first round of games featured Kamikaze Night Raid and Gallifrey Timelords on the bye. 3 and Out played muncie_playin_this with muncie_playin_this getting the win. UglyGreenHelmet played Yolo with UglyGreenHelmet coming out victorious.

The second round featured Kamikaze Night Raid playing muncie_playin_this with muncie_playin_this getting the upset win. Gallifrey Timelords took on UglyGreenHelmet while UglyGreenHelmet was also able to pull off the upset win.

UglyGreenHelmet would face muncie_playin_this for the Stampede Blue League #11 Championship. Our championship is set with two 7-6 teams holding the #3 and #5 seed respectively. Now before we get into the championship matchup, we'll do some quick team profiles on our championship contenders.

UglyGreenHelmet (7-6)

  • Managed by Stampede Blue community member, Indylator
  • Team Motto: "How many teams have Luck on their side?"
  • Division 3 winner by virtue of a 3-2 division record
  • Odd Fact: Lost last 3 games of the season but still won the division, much like 2011 Denver Broncos
  • Biggest Colts enemy on roster: Arian Foster

muncie_playin_this (7-6)

  • Managed by Stampede Blue community member, muncie_in_this
  • Team Motto: "home of world renowned basketball star, Bonzi Wells"
  • Wild Card earned over other 7-6 teams due to leading league in Points For
  • Odd Fact: Lead the league in Points For and also had the fewest Points Allowed during the regular season yet still lost almost half of the time
  • Biggest Colts enemy on roster: Tom Brady

The matchup was projected slightly in muncie_playin_this' favor but UglyGreenHelmet took the early lead, spearheaded by Matt Ryan and Julio Jones' Saturday slaughter of the reeling Lions. UglyGreenHelmet carried that lead into the Sunday Night Football game between the 49ers and the Seahawks. muncie_playin_this needed just 4 points from Seattle's D and they would deliver 17. Arian Foster's irregular heartbeat would ultimately be the cardiac arrest to UglyGreenHelmet's season. muncie_playin_this would eventually win the matchup 128.55 to 114.05!!


here is your well deserved trophy!



Much respect goes to Indylator for a great matchup, playoff run and for taking second place in League #11!!

so, anyone else from league #11, add anything you think i missed! anyone from the other leagues, talk about your successes and failures here! do your own league playoff recaps! something. anything. no rules, just party!! this is muncie_in_this' first championship here at StampedeBlue!!! celebration time!!! I hope others will share their successes and failures at the 2012 Fantasy Afterparty!!!



This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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