Yawn: Andrew Luck Still Breaking Rookie Passing Records In 2012


It's almost as if no one cares anymore about how amazing Andrew Luck's season is developing into.

Andrew Luck's 2012 rookie season seems to be boring the snot out of the established media.

Sunday's unbelievable comeback victory over the Detroit Lions was the fifth game-winning drive Luck has engineered this season. In three of those five drives, Luck threw touchdown passes to win the game. Sunday was also Luck's sixth game in which he threw for more than 300 yards. The previously record was four held by some dude with a laser rocket arm back in 1998.

Yet, even with these eye-popping numbers and the unbelievable comebacks, it's almost as if people don't care anymore. What was the hot topic of discussion the Monday after the Colts dispatched the Lions with a game-winning touchdown pass from Luck to Donnie Avery, on fourth down, with no time left on the clock? Obviously, the Jevan Belcher murder-suicide was the big story, and rightly so. After that, it was Mark Sanchez, Tim Tebow, Rex Ryan, and the 4-8 New York Jets. Why? I don't know, but it's what everyone was farting about on Twitter. After that, it was the continued sh*tstorm in Philadelphia.

Bad teams who are already pretty much out of playoff contention, and they are the lead for Monday morning? [cue fart noise]

Annoying side note: Whenever you read or hear old people in the national media complain about how the sports dialogue isn't as sophisticated as it used to be (like this guy sometimes does), it's important to remember that it's these sorts of people who push the Tebow-Jets-Philly-Poop-Burger stories down our throats.

For a story that isn't as sexy or interesting as a meaningless New York franchise potentially starting a religious zealot at quarterback even though he clearly can't play the position, here's some more awesome stuff about Andrew Luck and how he is going to shatter pretty much all the rookie passing records that are worth a damn:

  • The most attempts by a rookie are 590 by Sam Bradford in 2010. Luck has 503 after thirteen weeks.
  • The most completions by a rookie are 354 by Bradford, circa 2010. Luck has 279 after thirteen weeks.
  • The most passing yards by a rookie was held by Peyton Manning for thirteen years, until Cam Newton came along and broke it last year with 4,051. Luck has 3,596 yards after thirteen weeks.
  • The most TDs by a rookie still belongs to Manning, with 26 thrown in 1998. Luck has 17 after thirteen weeks.

Yep, all boring. Just as that touchdown pass to Avery on fourth down was boring too, I guess. Let's talk about Tebow. Let's talk about another incident involving a Harbaugh and a post-game handshake. That's all much more interesting.

[Bashes head into wall]

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