The media's hatred towards the "scrambling" QBs will continue...

with Luck going to the Colts.

I have no doubt that both Griffin and Luck will be successful in the NFL as long as they land into the right situation. Griffin is yet again one of the "scrambling" QBs deemed never to be successful in the NFL solely based how often they ran in the collegiate levels. A lot of this hatred towards these players is due to a poor sample of quarterbacks who didn't amount to elite status in the NFL. Being selected high into the NFL, the "scramble" QB will usually go to one of the worst teams of the NFL. After a year, he will grow a tendency to run to escape the Wilforks or Freeneys of the world. The GM put these players into such a bad postion, one in which they cannot develop as a better passer and become more of a RB. The tendency grows not of the countless of times he ran in college but the poor offensive line which was part of the reason the team is doing poor. Robert, unknown for his intelligence and discipline, will defy the standards of the "run-first" QB if he doesn't get stuck into a place where he is forced to pick either get hit by 240+ pund lineman 25 times a game to throw a pass to a mediocre WR or to escape the pocket using his speed and agility. After the jump, the information which explains why Luck is the right choice.

In the NFL, a few thing determines who is part of the "elite" QBs, the journeymen, the possible journeymen due to not being in the right place ( Gabbert), and the utter failures i.e. Curtis Painter.


The ability to thread a ball between defenders to a wide receiver which will extend a game winning drive is one of the best way to scout a QB. Robert and Andrew can both deliver a precise ball into the receiver's hand with each player's completion rate increasing per year. According to CBS-sports, Griffin is a weaker pocket passer and likes to travel outside the hash-marks while Luck seems to overvalue his accuracy with firing the ball in double coverage. Winner: Luck.


The last play of the Superbowl was decided on a Hail Mary which sailed deep into the end-zone.The Hail Mary was not caught, but it shows the importance of why having a big strong throwing arm is a key to winning big games. Andrew Luck can make the big plays as he shown multiple times in his college career, yet Griffin is the best at throwing it deep down the field. Winner : Griffin

Reading defense with turnover ratio:

Being a Colt's fan, we have seen countless of times when Manning would walk up behind Saturday and then signal about a gazillion signs to panic the defense before taking the ball to either chunk up a solid 4-5 run or a pass to extend the drive. Andrew Luck was given full freedom as a red-shirted sophomore and had success with every 40 attempted throws he would be intercepted while Griffin seemed to have trouble of staring down his receiver he was able to attempt 67 throws before being intercepted. Winner: Luck


Intangibles is personally the highest thing when it comes to scouting quarterbacks because the type of person the player is decides whether he will continue to push himself or will he let his college success inflate him to explode as of the biggest day 1 busts ex. a certain Raiders QB. Robert Griffin III is the type of player any franchise would want in a QB. His parents are military-oriented and he graduated high school a semester earlier. Finishing with a 3.67 GPA in political science while studying for a Masters in Communication, Griffin is definitely a guy who would study film. Andrew Luck , son of Oliver Luck, is going into the draft with his support of his father who has been and played in the NFL. Winner : Griffin

Unless we trade down or pick Griffin, Luck (or Griffin) will unwillingly and inevitably force the Colts to kick out Manning by drafting him. He will be the franchise player until A) He becomes a bust, B) He suffers a career injury C) He's mediocre and we part ways or D) He becomes the franchise player who hopefully after 13 years with 4 SB rings he retires/ leaves to usher in a new era of Colt's dominance.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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