Indianapolis Colts 2012 NFL Draft Mock W/ TRADE SCENARIO

This is a mock draft for the Indianapolis Colts based on team needs and players that are quite capable of feeling in holes and adding much needed depth. This mock is not to be taking seriously as it is just based on speculation and writing with the limited knowledge of the 2012 Draft Class.

The difference between this mock and the last one is that the 1st Overall selection is being mocked as traded away to the Cleveland Browns for two 1st Round picks (4th and 22nd overall), a 3rd Round (68th overall), and a 4th Round (118th overall) in the 2012 NFL Draft.

1st Round: (from Cleveland Browns)

Robert Griffin III, QB

6-2 220



Griffin isn't as highly praised as fellow QB prospect Andrew Luck, but the 2011 Heisman Trophy winner has just as many tangibles as Luck himself. RG3 is quite known to be able to make plays with his feet as well as his arm. He has great speed for a NFL QB despite being undersized for the position and puts great touch and velocity on his passes. RG3 has stated that he wants to play for the Colts over any of the other 31 NFL teams.

RG3 would make a great protege' under Peyton Manning's mentoring. He's seen as a "pass first-run second" type QB when he drops back in the pocket, has great accuracy when throwing on the run and has been considered to have the strongest arm in this year's draft. Weather he gets selected by the Colts or someone else; they will have a great playmaker on their team.

1st Round: (from Cleveland Browns)

Alfonzo Dennard, CB

5-10 205

University of Nebraska

With this selection, the Colts can finally have a solid CB tandem and legit #2 corner in Dennard. The secondary has been one of the weakest elements in the Colts defense these past few seasons.

Dennard is a very impressive CB despite being shorter than most NFL WRs, his lack of height has not hindered him in his playing ability. Dennard has shut down or limited TOP WR draft prospects for the last two years including BJ Cunningham, Justin Blackmon, Alshon Jeffery, and Marvin McNutt. His ability to jam receivers at the line of scrimmage, play aggressive man coverage, and bump-and- run press coverage in a zone-based scheme will make Dennard a key asset in terms of rebuilding a defensive secondary.

2nd Round:

Mark Barron, SS

6-2 215

University of Alabama

Melvin Bullitt has been on IR for the past two seasons, for this reason; the Colts have failed to field a solid Strong Safety who can compliment FS Antoine Bethea. In a weak Safety class, Barron is the top dog this year at his position.

Mark Barron has that "perfect" Strong Safety build, he is quite solid in keeping Tight Ends in check and can deliver a punishing hit to a WR roaming into his zone. Barron supports the run very well and has great awareness and instincts in the deep half of the field. Mark Barron was one of the key instrumental players in Alabama's #1 ranked defense and BCS National Championship.

3rd Round:

Michael Brewster, Center

6-4 310

Ohio State University

Jeff Saturday has been the Colts stalwart Center since 1999, but he isn't getting any younger and has also considered retirement. Saturday will be 37 by the time the 2012 NFL regular season kicks off. It is quite unknown what he plans to do and if he still has something left in the tank.

Brewster is one of the TOP 5 Centers in this year's draft, he is very strong and athletic for a guy his size. Brewster's biggest attribute would be his pass protection, but hopefully scouts will not sleep on his run blocking abilities. Michael Brewster will fit perfectly in the zone-blocking scheme of the Indianapolis Colts. Brewster has been a starter at OSU for all 4-seasons since his commitment in 2008.

3rd Round: (from Cleveland Browns)

Josh Chapman, NT/DT

6-1 310

University of Alabama

Besides the feeble secondary of the Colts, the interior of the D-Line hasn't been solid in terms of stopping the run. Unless the Colts improve in this area, they are more susceptible to lose games in this fashion.

Rumor has it that the Indianapolis Colts would be switching to 3-4 or even implying a hybrid 3-4/4-3 defense. Chapman has the strength, size, and toughness to play NT, 1-tech DT, or 3-4 DE. Like fellow draft prospects Mark Barron, Robert Lester, Courtney Upshaw, and Dre’ Kirkpatrick; Chapman was one of the players fielded in 2011 to create one of the best top ranked defenses in the entire nation.

4th Round:

Jordan White, WR

6-0 215

Western Michigan University

The Colts have 3 main WRs as Free Agents this off-season. Reggie Wayne is a 33-year-old veteran who would most likely demand more money to stay on the team; Anthony Gonzales was only productive for 2 years before being labeled "injury prone" and hasn't started a game since 2009. Pierre Garcon, who was the most productive Colts WR in 2011, has great speed to burn the defense and is unrivaled when it comes to athleticism. A few teams in need of a #2 WR would shell out big bucks to get Garcon out of a Colts uniform.

WMU's Jordan White was one of the nation's most productive WRs last season with 140 receptions, 1,911 receiving yards with 17 total TDs and has increased his draft stock with decent route running skills, great separation and open field speed; leaving defenders in the dust. Manning and/or RG3 should be able to turn White into a formidable possession WR.

4th Round: (from Cleveland)

Jayron Hosley, CB/PR/KR

5-10 173

Virginia Tech

The Colts secondary needs more than just a number #2 CB, they can use another solid nickleback/dimeback. Jacob Lacey has proven that he isn't a solid corner despite being quite a solid tackler. Kevin Thomas, while solid in coverage, lacks the aggressiveness and physicality to play in a Cover-2 or man-coverage scheme.

The biggest knack on Hosley is his size, which will cause him to slip within the draft ranks. Despite being undersized, he is quite a sound tackler and can diagnose and jump routes with his speed and quickness. Hosley is one of the more dominate ball-hawks in this year's draft, and 2010 he led the nation in INTs with 9, he is proven to be a decent zone guy who has tremendous instincts and can track the ball down in deep coverage. While being small, Jayron Hosley can become of the "biggest" draft steals in current years.

4th Round: (Compensatory)

Lonnie Edwards, OG

6-4 322

Texas Tech University

The Indianapolis Colts should make it a primary objective to solidify the Offensive Line, specifically the interior. For years since the releases of All-Pro guards Jake Scott and Ryan Lilja, the Colts hasn't had a solid running game. Without any breakthrough in the run game, the Colts Offense will always be tuned to become one-dimensional.

Edwards has had a solid senior year and in turn; improved his draft stock. His physicality at the line of scrimmage in the run game will have a major impact for RBs on the Colts roster. Pass blocking isn't even an issue, as Lonnie Edwards would benefit in a power blocking or zone-blocking scheme.

5th Round:

Mychal Kendricks, OLB

6-0 240

University of California (Berkely)

A 3-4/4-3 hybrid defense isn't a bad idea as long as you have the players who can be versatile or have the players who can play either one. OLB hasn't been much of a solid position in terms of good coverage for the Colts since Cato June, Freddie Keiaho, and Clint Session all have been released and signed by other teams.

Kendricks have a unique skillset of having the ability to play decent man coverage on TEs, dropping back in coverage in a zone scheme, and supporting the run. He has good awareness in terms of finding the ball carrier or reading a QB's eyes, Kendricks had a solid senior year and was voted as the Pac-12 Defensive Player of the Year. Keep in mind that cause of an injury to his shoulder, his stock in this year's draft has tumbled significantly.

6th Round:

Jerrell Young, FS/SS

6-1 205

University of South Florida

Antoine Bethea is one of the most underrated and promising Safeties in the NFL today. Despite playing in a horrible to mediocre secondary, he has been the face of the Colts secondary and has been solid since 2006. Besides Bethea; the Colts have no suitable depth at FS behind Bethea, who has a great bill of health by missing only 4 games in his 6-year tenure as a Colt.

Young is known for his solid tackling form, punishing hits, and makes QBs think twice of sending a WR on certain routes due to his presence alone. Very versatile in the backfield, he can play both Free and Strong Safeties depending on scheme and is very instinctive in pass coverage with decent run stopping capabilities.

6th Round: (Compensatory)

Antoine McClain, OG

6-6 330

Clemson University

One of the main reasons why the Colts have had trouble establishing a true running threat is cause of poor interior play. Jamey Richard and Ryan Diem both have proven that they're not qualified to have the starting job at RG. The guard position is one of areas that need more solidification and improvement on the O-Line.

The reason why C.J. Spiller was a top RB prospect was cause of this big fellow, at 6-6 330; McClain has been extremely solid in run blocking and has propelled Clemson's rushing attack over the years. His pass blocking skills would come to question as he reaches the NFL level.

7th Round:

Rishard Matthews, WR/PR

6-2 215

University Of Nevada (Reno)


Pierre Garcon, Anthony Gonzales, and Reggie Wayne are all 2012 Free Agents. Unless the Colts resign 2 or all 3 of the listed WRs, they will need help finding fresh young starters or much needed depth.

Rishard Matthews was one of Colin Kaepernick's primary targets due to his elusive quickness and relative good size. When he isn't in the lineup at WR, he can be an asset on special teams as a punt returner. Matthews utilizes his size and athleticism well against defenders in the open field and can cause trouble for opposing defenses trying to bring him down after a catch. Teams looking for a decent possession WR would have to give Matthews a good look for his qualities.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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