Food For Thought - All the DRAFT LUCK FANATICS

Here is a quick list of the Superbowl winning QB's and where they were drafted. I'm going to take a few cheap shots in the article at the fans, the managers, and some players so i apologize in advance. I'm also going to try to explain in simple English why I think taking luck could be a downfall for the colts organization. Let me say first if the Colts do take luck i am in no way going to be disappointed he has real skills and ability that, no one can deny. So lets go.

WARNER - UNDRAFTED: Alright year 1999 Kurt takes over for an injured Trent Green and leads his team to the show as a backup. This 4 time probowl, 2 time all pro, Superbowl winning SOB went undrafted in 1994. Also on a side note every playoff game he played in when he left the field his team was winning. So humbly I'd say someone let this guy slip through.

JOHNSON - pick 227: Brad Johnson was a career journeyman and got his Superbowl riding a wave of defense and a stellar run game. Their i said it but all in all he wasn't a terrible QB 82.4 career passer rating and the guy throwing to Chris Carter. He took over Trent Dilfer's team a top ten draft pick and took them to the Superbowl.

BRADY - pick 199: I don't really have to go over this as its beat into all our heads. Tom's drafted so low might aswell been undrafted turns out may be the best QB of all time LA DEE FREAKIN DA. But it a great point that this non first rounder has plenty of rings.
BREES - pick 32: Drew had a controversy with the chargers and got off to a late start. Great college career but all the pundits pegged him for his height saying that a 6 foor QB would get swallowed in the NFL by teams d-line. Year after year drew finds a way to get it done and break records. The guy can sling the rock simple as that. Drafted top of the second in the worst QB class in my memory only Vick was before him and he wasnt drafted for his QB skills.

RODGERS - pick 24: Drafted in 05 didn't win a Superbowl until 2010. Some would say he is as good now because he sat for a couple of years behind Farve. I'm not one of those but some might say that.

ROETHLISBERGER - Pick 11: BIG BEN is for me is like Brad Johnson. Won his first Superbowl with Defense and a running game. His first Superbowl was statistically the worst every played by a winning QB. Now Ben has panned out for the steelers but they seem to be on a decline and with cincy on the rise I don't see the big guy making it back to the show but a pair of rings aren't exactly paperweights.

DILFER - Pick 6: Well finally we are into the QB's that were drafted top in the top 10. And we start out with maybe the worst QB to ever win a Superbowl. Make a case for Mark Rypien all you want but Trent is the worst. Again another QB being carried buy defense and a run game.(are you seeing a pattern here)

ELI - Pick 1: I might make a case for Eli's first ring being defense and run game, but his last was purely him. He made all the throws and mangaed the game like a boss. The guy has it all and is a Hall of Fame QB now.

PEYTON - Pick 1: Colts fans im sorry but i have to do this. Peytons ring is a FLUKE. Not in the sense that he doesn't deserve it, or he didn't win it, or he isnt good enogh. In the sense that we played the worst QB in the bears have ever seen, a terrible coaching staff, and had it been a real offense that could function the game would have been different. Now let me defend myself the Peyton has never had the Defense or the Coaching Staff to get him the help he nees. The reason we all believe he is the best QB to ever play is that he made up for our organizations shortcomings. For all his success and stats he still only has one ring in his career. But how did Peyton effect our team outside his position.

My Thoughts:

  1. Maybe paying peyton a hefty price stoped us from getting new life in the secondary.
  2. Maybe Peyton's want to keep familiar teammates around hindered the colts from making moves.
  3. Maybe Peyton's success on offense stopped the organization from aggressively getting defensive talent in order to try and keep the offense in full swing.
  4. If defense and a running game wins superbowls, then where was the focus on our defense?
  5. If defense and a running game wins championships why draft a QB to win a championship if your team has neither?
  6. If only two of the last ten QB's to win the Superbowl were drafted in the top ten are we committing our self to the same fate as we did with Peyton? A great QB without the talent around him to win?

Now what if we keep manning for two years. Trade the luck pick for some top teir Defensive talent in the draft. Start in a new direction with the new regime. Run first, pass second, our defense is here to hit you in the mouth type of team. Then draft a Ryan Tannehill and let him sit behind a great QB for a couple of years. Let him learn and prepare with a Hall of Fame QB. Hell you could pick up Russell Wilson late in the draft and acclimate him to the NFL and turn him into a Drew Brees. Russell's only down fall is he isn't 6 foot. He has got the arm, the athleticism, the head, and is a great leader we could pick him up in the 3rd and groom him to be a franchise guy for next to nothing on our cap. Well thats all i really had let me have it colts fans.

Thanks for reading


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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