With The First Pick In The 2012 Stampede Blue Community Mock Draft, The Indianapolis Colts Select...

Andrew Luck - QB, Stanford

Pick made by hoosierstudent:

"With the first pick in this year's NFL Draft, the Indianapolis Colts select... Andrew Luck, Quarterback, Stanford."
-Roger Goodell, 4/26/2012

It might as well be written in stone. Andrew Luck is the most lauded quarterback to enter the NFL Draft in the 21st century. He has prototypical size- 6'4, 235 pounds- and underrated athleticism. He worked for three years with former NFL quarterback and current NFL coach in Jim Harbaugh, with more control of a pro-style offense than any college quarterback has had since (ahem) Peyton Manning. He has all the intangibles as well: noted hard worker, vocal leader, high school valedictorian, Stanford graduate, charismatic, humble, durable, 3 year starter, 31 career wins.

Looking at the offense that the Colts have previously run (bear in mind that former offensive coordinator Clyde Christensen remains on the staff) while also predicting what Bruce Arians will install, Luck will lead a no-huddle, under-center offense. Arians will give Luck two run plays and one pass play. Upon reading the defense, a play will be called. This is a system he ran for three years at Stanford, audibling based on what the defense presented.

His production at Stanford was also phenomenal. In a run-first play-action offense, without a big-play threat, Luck compiled these statistics:

3500 Yards Passing
71% Completion
9 Yards Per Attempt
37 Touchdowns
10 Interceptions

Lastly, Luck is used to playing with and leading NFL-caliber talent. Stanford has 4 first-round graded players in this year's draft, in Luck, OG David Decastro, OT Jonathon Martin, and TE Coby Fleener. His transition to playing with and against NFL athletes will be very close to seamless.


The pressure of not only starting in the hardest position in sports as a rookie, but also replacing (arguably) the greatest quarterback of all time, will be immense. Nonetheless, Andrew Luck has all the tools-both physical and mental- to excel. As a rookie, if Peyton Manning is off the Colts roster, Luck will start all 16 games with production that will look something like this:

3,750 yards passing
67% Completion
20 Touchdowns
20 Interceptions
250 yards rushing
2 Rushing Touchdowns
7 wins

More analysis:

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Andrew Luck Scouting Report from Mocking the Draft (coming soon)

The Rams, and bigbaldruss are on the clock...

Pos Team Player Pos School Drafter
1 Indianapolis Andrew Luck QB Stanford hoosierstudent
2 St. Louis BigBaldRuss
3 Minnesota TheSpear
4 Cleveland palco
5 Tampa Bay Azrael1987
6 Washington broadfi2
7 Jacksonville Peter Storgaard
8 Miami fpacheco
9 Carolina cwhite916
10 Buffalo BWhitecap
11 Kansas City Ty46
12 Seattle TheBeardedClam
13 Arizona Coltsfan1345
14 Dallas One.Cool.Customer
15 Philadelphia chad72
16 N.Y. Jets moptrepi
17 Cincinnati Guy LeDouche
18 San Diego ColtsFanFromHawaii
19 Chicago Team2 DaBears
20 Tennessee Addai Another Day
21 Cincinnati Guy LeDouche
22 Cleveland palco
23 Detroit Chopaholic
24 Pittsburgh emiller17
25 Denver muncie_in_this
26 Houston melvin shot out of a gun bullit
27 New England Jesse Schindler
28 Green Bay BlueVol03
29 Baltimore Prahasta
30 San Francisco Shastatmasta
31 New England Jesse Schindler
32 N.Y. Giants bobbyblitz
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