Transforming the Running Game

New Colts Head Coach Chuck Pagano has recently commented on his desire to transform the Colts into a more physical, power running team. Stating he'd like to shape the Colts Offense into a run-first style of Offense like the Steelers once did. This will be difficult with the backs currently on the roster. Joseph Addai and Donald Brown do not fit the mold of a "Power Back", and 2nd year player Delone Carter showed he has trouble holding on to the ball. The solution?

Draft the Incredible Hulk:



Utah State Running Back Robert Turbin has been tearing up the Combine. At 5'10, 222 lbs Turbin has the power to run you over, and the speed to breakaway in the open field. Turbin put up monster numbers while carrying the ball for the Aggies, and also showed he has great hands as a receiver out of the backfield. Robert Turbin would be an excellent 2nd Round selection for the Colts, giving them the back they need for years to come.

From Turbin's Combine Profile:


Turbin has been a productive back, consistently rushing for over 100 yards per game. Good size. He remains a bit of an unknown, but should excite throughout the pre-draft process with his athletic ability and could go as early as the second round.



Turbin is very athletic. Has the size to be a thumper inside, but moves more like a shifty, quick back. Has very quick feet that he employs to stop and start instantaneously out of the backfield. Has a big frame that gets to full speed fast. A classic downhill runner who can run through linebackers and carry the pile. Was a threat throughout his career in the pass game. Has the speed, athleticism, and durability to wear down an NFL defense for an entire game.


The only thing that could keep Turbin off the field for an NFL offense early is his pass blocking. At Utah State, Turbin would whiff on blockers at times. The problem is his technique; he tends to get off balance and blown back into the passer. Cut blocks were an issue for him as well.



Career Statistics:

Rushing		G/GS	No.	Yds.	Avg.	TD	LG  
2007 (Fr.)	1/0	3	17	5.7	0	12
2008 (R-Fr.)	12/6	106	485	4.6	8	49
2009 (So.)	12/11	207	1,296	6.3	13	96
2010 (Jr.)			REDSHIRTED
Totals		25/17	316	1,798	5.7	21	96
Receiving	No.	Yds.	Avg.	TD	LG  
2008 (Fr.)	20	256	12.8	2	29
2009 (So.)	30	418	13.9	5	77
Totals		50	674	13.5	7	77

Edit: Those stats aren't complete:

2011 Season

249 1517 19


565 3315 40

More on Turbin:

NFL Combine: Utah State's Robert Turbin could be a steal in the NFL draft

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