Indianapolis Colts 2012 NFL Mock Draft

This is a mock draft for the Indianapolis Colts based on team needs and players that are quite capable of feeling in holes and adding much needed depth. This mock is not to be taking seriously as it is just based on speculation and writing with the limited knowledge of the 2012 Draft Class.

1st Round:

Andrew Luck, QB
6-4 235
Stanford University

Much speculation going around the entire media is that Peyton Manning's rehab has been a slow process and many are calling for him to be either cut by the Indianapolis Colts or hanging up the pads. Manning is due $28 Million this year despite not playing a single down in the 2011 NFL season.

Stanford University QB Andrew Luck has been highly praised for his college play heading into the 2012 NFL Draft; many experts are calling him "The Second Coming of Peyton Manning". Luck is widely considered the most pro-ready QB in this year’s draft. Very accurate with his passes and puts great velocity on the ball hitting intended receivers right between the numbers. Many teams in the NFL would covet to have a franchise QB like Luck.

2nd Round:

Chase Minniefield, CB
6-0 185
University of Virginia

The NFL witnessed the abysmal inconsistency of the Indianapolis Colts defense in 2011, especially the horrid play of the secondary. The Colts once again finished the season in the Bottom 5 of the NFL in terms of defensive play.

Chase Minniefield would be a solid starter from day one along with Jerraud Powers. He is quite physical on the line of scrimmage and has decent man coverage skills and has shown to be capable of playing in an aggressive press or bump-and-run zone scheme.

3rd Round:

Ryan Miller, OG
6-8 310
University of Colorado

Weather its Peyton Manning or Andrew Luck behind center calling the shots, the Offensive Line needs to be more solid in order to keep Manning healthy and upright or to keep Luck from suffering a similar fate.

Ryan Miller is considered one of the top 10 Guard prospects in this year's draft. His is a stout pass blocker and moves well into the second level engaging Linebackers in run blocking, he will be a great fit in Indianapolis zone-blocking scheme (unless changes are made). Miller would be a great upgrade over Joe Reitz at LG while opening lanes for RBs Addai, Brown, and Carter.

4th Round:

Jordan White, WR
6-0 215
Western Michigan University

The Colts have 3 main WRs as Free Agents this off-season. Reggie Wayne is a 33-year-old veteran who would most likely demand more money to stay on the team; Anthony Gonzales was only productive for 2 years before being labeled "injury prone" and hasn't started a game since 2009. Pierre Garcon, who was the most productive Colts WR in 2011, has great speed to burn the defense and is unrivaled when it comes to athleticism. A few teams in need of a #2 WR would shell out big bucks to get Garcon out of a Colts uniform.

WMU's Jordan White was one of the nation's most productive WRs last season with 140 receptions, 1,911 receiving yards with 17 total TDs and has increased his draft stock with decent route running skills, great separation and open field speed; leaving defenders in the dust. Manning and/or Luck should be able to turn White into a formidable possession WR.

4th Round (Compensatory):

Winston Guy Jr. SS
6-1 210
University of Kentucky

Besides FS Antoine Bethea and possibly CB Jerraud Powers, the Colts defensive secondary is completely mediocre. The release of oft-injured All-Pro Bob Sanders and injuries to Melvin Bullitt for two consecutive seasons have truly hurt the Colts "last line of defense"

Winston Guy might be one of the most underrated Strong Safeties prospects in this year's draft class, he has good size and speed to match up with Tight Ends and supports the run very well and has decent instincts to track down the deep ball. He might be the guy who can help compliment Bethea and solidify an area that has effecting the Colts defense for seasons on out.

5th Round:

Cordarro Law, OLB/DE
6-2 261
University of Southern Mississippi

Rumor has it that with the hiring of Chuck Pagano as the new head coach of the Indianapolis Colts, the "front 7" might have its duties and schemes changed into a 3-4.

Law has been the face of USM defense last season and has been causing turnovers that help his team in the long run. With a lethal combination of size and speed, the Colts would have a solid rotational guy in helping to "lay down the Law" in a defense that has struggled in recent years.

6th Round:

Joel Foreman, OG
6-4 310
Michigan State University

An Offensive line that struggles frequently on the inside has been seen as the culprit of recent shortcomings in the Colts ability to effectively run the ball. With more solidification on the line, the Colts RB corps can be re-established as an offensive weapon.

Joel Foreman has been solid despite some injuries causing him to miss games or snaps. His biggest attribute are his long wingspan and uncanny movements on the line, he can open holes for RBs and engage and push around Linebackers with ease, sending the RBs all the way for the score. He is considered the "big sleeper" in this year’s draft.

6th Round (Compensatory):
Ben Burkett, Center
6-4 290
Northwestern University

Jeff Saturday will be 37 by time the 2012 NFL season starts. Weather he plays this upcoming season or retires currently remains a mystery among the NFL world. Soon the Colts will have to replace the man who has been snapping the ball to Peyton Manning his entire career.

Burkett has been a strong pass blocker since he has had the starter position at Center, he has quick feet to square up against bull rushing DTs but his short arms can him to lose the battle at the line. With proper coaching; Burkett will need to upgrade his run blocking techniques while adding more weight can make him a great draft steal.

7th Round:

Dyrell Roberts, WR/PR
6-2 189
Virginia Tech

The Indianapolis Colts would need to get WR depth if Anthony Gonzales, Pierre Garcon, and Reggie Wayne aren't re-signed as Colts in 2012.

Roberts has somewhat of a "lanky" build to him, the new kickoff rules may have hurt him in the long run as a return specialist, but if he can sharpen up his skills as a WR, he can develop as an underrated threat. He is quite sure-handed and can be very dangerous in the open field with his separation and speed.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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