Understanding the 2012 Colts draft.

This have been a strange season for Colts fans. A very different season. Just to sum up:

-We didn't make the playoffs. We weren't even close. To be frank, we were crazy bad.

-We have been without our franchise QB all season, and a lot of people think we'll be without him forever.

Let us just assume that that is indeed the case. We are the worst team in the NFL and we have lost the face of our franchise for the last 13-14 seasons. That will probably lead to us drafting Luck, as he looks like the obvious replacement.

But what does all that mean to our draft strategy? Find the answer after the jump.

For the most of the last 10 seasons the Colts have been in win-now mode. And for just one reason: Peyton Manning.

Peyton is gone in this scenario, which means the win-now situation is over. Gone. Dead. And that should lead to us rethinking our draft strategy.

I have seen a lot of mock drafts, and just about every single one of them makes the same mistake. Going for position of need instead of value. That's a win-now way of thinking.

Sure, we shouldn't draft a second QB, but I don't see any problem in drafting TEs, WRs or RBs, if the value is there. We will probably be rebuilding for the next three seasons or so AT BEST, so we will have plenty of shots to fill out our most pressing needs. Reaching for a DT/NT, CB or S won't help us on the long run. Getting the best players available will.

Secondly, by drafting Luck we are signaling that we are giving the franchise to him. He is the most hyped rookie for a looooong time, and if we draft him, the pressure of that hype will follow him to Indy.

But we must remember that he is still a rookie. And just about every rookie struggles. That is just how it is. We can help him a lot, though, by putting him in the best possible situation. And that situation includes the best possible weapons - and the best possible o-line. So even though our biggest needs are on defense, going offense in the draft isn't the worst choice we could make. We should do everything possible to help Luck develop, and if that means using high draft picks on offense, I'll be okay with that.

All in all we should have to priorities: Getting the best players available - and helping out Luck. If we can do both, we should have a great draft. Regardless of needs. That is just my two cents on this year's draft.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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