Amidst flurry of free agency, my mock draft 2.0

We will, no doubt, select Andrew Luck first overall. The expectations for him are off the charts. My draft will depart from others in that my focus will be on the big guys up front and building a formidable O-line that can gel together with Andrew his rookie season and keep him well shielded from harm.

No quantity of skilled pass catchers drafted with Luck can help him much if he is constantly scrambling for survival. So, while the couple of O-linemen Ryan Grigson has brought in will provide camp competition and roster depth, further influx of quality talent this draft, I feel strongly, would be the best course to take. At least in the first few rounds.

OK, now to the picks. I have not planned for a possible trade of Dwight Freeney for any extra picks, and only planned on one compensatory pick to come at the end of the 6th round.

1- QB - Andrew Luck - 6-4, 236, 4.67 The complete package and the hope for the future of the franchis.

2- OT - Zebrie Sanders - 6-6, 308, 5.25 Powerful, athletic, capable of starting immediately on the right side. Allows Ben to move to RG.

3- OG - Brandon Brooks - 6-5, 346, 4.98. Dominated big-name D-linemen at East-West practices all week. Powerful and athletic for such a large man. Starts day one at left guard Pairs with Ben for a helluva set of road graders and Andrew Luck bodyguards in the middle.

4- NT - Nick Jean-Baptiste - 6-1, 335, 5.40 Powerful bowling ball that can anchor the nose position.

5- WR - Ryan Broyles - 5-10, 192, 4.46 A second day talent still rehabbing an ACL surgery from November of last season . Maybe we get lucky and he falls a bit due to concerns about the knee, and we get a talented "toy" for Mr. Luck without having to spend a second day pick on one.

6- TE - Rhett Ellison - 6-5, 251, 4.79. A lesser Pac-10 talent than Fleener, but a hard worker that also has special teams skillset. NFL bloodlines. Nice value here.

6C- WR - Danny Coale - 6-0, 201, 4.50. A bit of an under utilized sleeper from Virginia Tech. Special teams value and a nice developmental pick.

7-CB - Omar Bolden - 5-10, 202, 4.59 . Like Oklahoma's WR Broyles, Arizona State's Bolden is recovering from knee injury and may very well last this long to get selected. He is a higher rated talent and would be a late round steal if still there.

Well, there you go. I would love to see a group of O-line that looks like this :

LT- Costanzo ; LG-Brooks ; C-Pollak ; RG- Ijalana ; RT- Sanders.

A backup cast of C-Kirkpatrick ; G-Reitz ; G- McGlynn ; T-Justice or Ojinnaka

Fire away !

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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