March Mock Draft Madness

Another Mock Draft...

Round 1: QB Andrew Luck from Stanford

Andrew Luck, the guy who is regarded as the best QB in a while, will be the guy to replace Peyton Manning's successful career for the Indianapolis Colts. Alt. pick - RG3

Round 2: WR Rueben Randle from LSU

Chances are that 2 top rated, talented WRs will be on the board, by the time the Colts pick, at #34 ; One of the WR name is Jeffery while the other name, and arguably the better WR, is Rueben Randle. Picking Randle over Jeffery makes sense, Jeffery may have weight issues, being able to shed/gain weight "easily", and at one point was clocked at around 230 pounds meanwhile before the combine he shed about 14 pounds. Randle should easily make a impact, if he and Jeffery are out-powered at the line, with his better route running and ability to help the run.

Alt. pick- It seems the Texans should be going WR in the 1st round which probably means that either Sanu will be taken nonetheless either Sanu or Randle will be paired with Luck.

Round 3: CB Trumaine Johnson from Montana

Seems necessarily to draft a guy who could easily become our #2 CB and may challenge Powers for the starting job. Alt. pick- Chase Minniefield/ Leonard Johnson.

Round 4: DT Josh Chapman from Alabama

After finally getting majority of our top needed positions covered, the Colts should be looking for a long-term solution for the middle of our D-Line. Although Josh Chapman is 3rd round talent, the ACL injury he suffered combined should be enough for him to drop at least Mid to Late 3rd/Early 4 which puts us into a decent posistion/chance of drafting him. Alt. pick- Josh Norman/ Jean Baptiste

Round 5: WR Jeff Fuller from Texas A&M

I doubt the Colts will address the need of a TE and will probably select one via FA and they will continue to bolster the WR position. Fuller could have been a top 40 pick last year yet will hopefully be a diamond in the rough and provide a security blanket for Luck to pass to with his 6-4 220+ pound frame.

Alt. pick - C David Molk could be

Round 6: RB Brandon Bolden from Mississippi

The depth at RB is exceptionally weak as we only have Carter and Donald Brown who will get the bulk of the workload which is where a 222-pound running-back can help the load. Although he has some maturity problems, this kid has talent with good size, finishes tough, decent blocker, who also has soft hands out the backfield.

Round 7: LB Audie Cole from North Caroline

Making a transition from a 4-3 to a hybrid 3-4/4-3 defense will need some depth in linebackers which is exactly what Audie Cole could bring to the defensive side. He is a great coverage defender, a average rusher, and with the tandem of Freeney and Mathis shouldn't be asked to rush a lot this season. As of now, he should be able to play a ILB spot or a strong side position.

UFA we bring in probably includes:

WR Jordan White

K David Teggart

FB Chad Diehl

We will not draft a NT to start immediately which would be something a smart GM shouldn't do which will put other positions ahead. We will only draft a NT as the #2 guy.

Alt. picks are people who could serve as replacements or guys who were intended to be above but were likely drafted ahead.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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