After The Pro Days: Stanford's Andrew Luck V. Baylor's Robert Griffin III

Mar 22, 2012; Stanford CA, USA; Stanford Cardinal quarterback Andrew Luck during pro day at Stanford Practice Fields. Mandatory Credit: Jason O. Watson-US PRESSWIRE

Both Stanford's Andrew Luck and Baylor's Robert Griffin III put on shows at their respective Pro Days this week. Both men are going to be great talents in the NFL. Unlike Manning-Leaf, Luck-Griffin might be the true future of the NFL.

For me, Luck was able to use his Pro Day prove he's a better QB prospect right now over RG3. this is not to say RG3 stumbled, or anything like that. Luck is just more ready, and Chris Steuber concurs:

Lucks Pro Day yesterday was conducted in conditions that featured 15-20 mph range wind gusts and temperatures in the 50s. Prior to the start of the throwing session, people were chuckling that Luck should have thrown at the Scouting Combine, which was under the protective roof of Lucas Oil Stadium. Despite the conditions, Luck blew everyone away with his accuracy, arm strength, and athleticism. When the day was done, people lauded him for performing well in difficult conditions.

Also, don't make a big deal out of the Colts brain trust not being present at the Stanford Pro Day. Quarterback coach Clyde Christensen was there as was tight ends coach Alfredo Roberts and scout Matt Terpening. Christensen was there to watch Luck while Roberts and Terpening were there to take in the impressive show tight end Coby Flenner put on.

Yes, I know Chuck Pagano was personally present at RG3's Pro Day. Please note that other Baylor players also participated in that Pro Day. Players like wide receiver Kendall Wright and nose tackle Nicolas Jean-Baptiste. Pagano wasn't there solely to take in RG3. He knows Jim Irsay will take Luck:

Also, for anyone who questioned Luck's arm strength, his Pro Day should have shut them up.

While warming up, Luck flashes a confident smile. The script calls for 48 throws, starting out with deep balls. Starting the script by going deep, the announcer says, is in response to former NFL QB Phil Simms, who has questioned Luck’s arm strength and ability to make NFL-type throws.

It’s windy out there, but the first pass seems effortless. A deep ball and caught. The second one, where he steps away from pressure, sails more than 60 yards in the air. The third, off a play-action fake, is on target again, a 50-yarder down the middle of the field.

Yeah, it’s just practice, but like some who have seen him work out before have suggested, he makes this look easy.

Hell, Luck was so awesome, he even got Robert Mathis giddy:

The confusion over the measurables (Luck is 6'4, 234 lbs) had many asking who Robert was referring to. He later clarified:

So, yeah. Even Robert is excited.

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